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Litres of luxury – The Mazda 929

In honor of the Grandpa-Spec and immaculately kept Mazda 929 I drove passed this morning on the way to work (no pictures sadly, I was too busy drooling over the amazing condition this glorious slice of the 80’s was in – it just gleamed) I have dubbed today ‘929 appreciation day’.

Why? Because Mazda.

A little more about this car please!

The Mazda 929 is a full-size car that was sold by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Mazda between 1973 and 1997. Mazda utilized the 929 nameplate for export markets only, badge engineering its Luce model until 1991, before transferring the name to export specification Sentia models. Between 1982 and 1987, Mazda also used the 929 nameplate for its Cosmo coupe in certain export markets.

(Taken from Wikipedia)

So how much to join this epic Mazda 929 club?

Well it depends on the vintage, condition, history etc of the 929 you’re looking at. Around $400-500 seems to be a rough price to get you started. That’ll land you an average condition late 80’s early 90’s model that’s seen a bit of the world and faded the paint to prove it:

Mazda 929
1988 Mazda 929

For around $3500 you can buy this not locally delivered 1995 Mazda 929 Sedan with leather interior, four wheel steering and a sunroof. Zoom zoom!

1995 Mazda 929
1995 Mazda 929

At the higher end of the scale (around $5500 according to Gumtree) is this 1984 Mazda 929 Turbo Wagon! It comes with a rebuilt 2.0L VC engine, 5 speed gearbox, toyota ct12a turbo and a new weber 32⁄36 carb, intercooled. That’ll get you to the beach in record time!

1984 Mazda 929 Turbo Wagon
1984 Mazda 929 Turbo Wagon

What if I wanted to take out the original motor and swap in something else? Is that possible?

Very much so. Since the Japanese versions had a rotary option, plenty of people fit in Mazda 12A’s or 13B’s and 13BT’s. Google tells us someone managed to fit in a 5L Mustang engine while the ever popular 1JZ apparently can also be made to fit. Or how about this Mazda Luce with a RB25DET (As a current Nissan owner I approve of this highly!)

The sky, a friendly engineer and your wallet is the limit!

I’m thinking drift/rally/race car project…

You’re not the first to think that!

Drift 929


Okay but what if I didn’t want to change a thing? Are they okay to drive in day to day Mazda 929 related activities?

Twenty-year-old Darren Pollard always wanted one and finally got his wish when he recently brought his 1992 929 in December. He loves its “Jaguarish” looks, its long list of features, four-wheel steering which makes it a breeze to park, but is not so rapt in the small boot, the way water drips on to occupants when windows are opened when wet, and the cost of parts.’ from here.

The Mazda 929 sees itself in competition with the likes of the Lexus ES 300, Nissan Maxima, and Audi 80. It does, however, struggle to match them for pace and power. The 929 rolls a little more than the competition on corners, although it more than matches the others on braking ability. It’s not so much about what Mazda got wrong, but how well the others got their models right.

The good points about this car are that it represents real value for money, owners are guaranteed a comfortable, supple ride, and it handles safe and securely. The 929’s looks are striking and its interior is well-appointed, but it lacks some of the power of other rides. From here

Finally, could you leave me with some pictures of some pimped out Mazdas please?




Already own a Mazda 929 and need to really class it up? This should help you to no end 😀 MAZDA STICKER

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