LS the world, one MX5 at a time.

So you’ve got a 1990 Mazda Mx5 (that’s a Miata for all our US brothers and sisters) you picked up as a repairable write off for pretty cheap. You could do what the name suggests and repair the thing to get it back on the road…

Or you could throw a LS1 in there for the hell of it and follow your mantra of ‘Ls’ing the world.’

Up to you really…

Thankfully for us, the buyer of this early MX has taken the second path and turned this roadster into an absolute road tearer.

ls1 mx5

And plenty of room in this Ls1 Mx5 for a turbo. Or two!

And the list of bolt on’s is just as impressive as the artistic photography!

Stock ls1 with vrs full gasket kit no oil leaks
Custom front sub frame
Brand new hyper single with spigot and flywheel
T56 manual 6spd box with short shifter kit
Shorted and balanced tailshaft
Vx ss diff with 4 bolt conversion
Vq statement axles
Custom hubs
Extended rear sub frame for drift use.
Reinforced rear sub frame to support diff
Rear mounted battery and fuse box
Holley Rear hump sump and pick up line
Relocated Oil cooler
New Radiator 52mm with fans and shroud
New Alternator
Heater core bypass loop
New pulleys
New serpentine belt
Cut shut knuckles.
Extended the rods
10/8kg coilovers
Hydraulic rear handbrake
Stock cluster integration water temp / rpm
Accessible clutch line bleeder
exhaust system straight thru with 2 rear mufflers
New acc cable
ECU programmed to vats disabled
New Maf sensor
Install new wheel bearings
Rear tubing for extended rear subframe
Weld up diff supports for vx ss diff
New Brake lines made up

As you can appreciate, the inside of this LS1 MX5 looks ready for war, sideways at all times.

Sadly while it was for sale recently for 12k AUD, someone has obviously realized how much mad fun this would be on the track anywhere really and snapped it up. I for one hope they leave off that curvy front bar for that real Mad Max roaming the nuclear wastes in an Mx5 look.

Anyway, unlike a lot of other ads on the Facebooks, this one actually does have a few more pictures so enjoy!

ls1 mx5

If you were the one who bought it, can you let us know how much fun we’re missing out on?

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