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Love our shoes? Now buy our car!

One was a pretty big shoe brand back in the day, the other is a fairly well known automotive company. But back in 1990 in a move which I don’t think any other automotive company have done since, they teamed up and created…the limited edition Nissan Pulsar Reebok Edition!

Yes that’s correct, before the Nike XR6 Falcon and the Peak Sports Chrysler Crossfire (no don’t go and look them up, I just made them up then) there was the N13 Nissan Pulsar Reebok Edition, the car that told everyone exactly what your favorite brand of shoes was at the time.

There were only 200 Nissan Pulsar Reebok’s ever made and if you were wondering what the 2.5g’s of extras it came with (at no extra cost mind you!), they included lots of Reebok logos and funky stickers, a 1.8 litre donk and sports seats. They didn’t actually include a choice of colors though, I read somewhere that they were all white.

Nissan Pulsar Reebok Edition

As a child of the 80’s, I can confirm that Reebok shoes were pretty big (Reebok Pumps especially) and up there with the likes of Nike Air and Grosby Airwalkers (no wait..) but not to the point where people really felt the need to support their favorite brand of kicks outside of a t-shirt or tennis bag. Still, I recall seeing them around back in the early 90’s and I remember them today so a point to you Nissan.

Hilariously while I couldn’t find a current example of a Nissan Pulsar Reebok Edition for sale (at a guess it probably won’t set you back much) I did stumble across a way to turn your bog standard non branded 1990 White Pulsar into shoe promoting spec – with an official Nissan Pulsar Reebok decal!


At the time of writing I’m sporting a pair of generic brand $20 shoes from K-Mart and they’re starting to wear out in record time. Which means I’m really hoping a car brand doesn’t read this, echo Nissan and create a limited edition 200 run model with whoever sew them together..


    • Almigo says:

      Also today only you can have any color you like, as long as it’s white.

      I missed the Barina growing up…some bloggers have all the luck 😛

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