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Lotus Exige

The humble beginnings of a brilliant plan

It’s a deceptively simple plan too. I’m going to come up with something that no one has ever even contemplated, make squillions of the idea, retire at 40 (roughly 1.5 years to go) and then I’m going to buy something stupidly nimble, fun and low to the ground to race around in to keep myself amused.

Something like this Lotus Exige perhaps?

Now the only thing to do is work out exactly what this idea will actually be…

So until that brilliant inspiration hits and I go yacht shopping while bathing in the finest caviar, enjoy this lovely example of a Lotus Exige that’s popped up locally in the nearby auction house. This is the first time I’ve actually seen one in the metal stationary and not racing past me on a direct course to the closest twisty road section.

It’s sleek with curves so sharp it could could serious injury if you rub up against it.

And you never realise how close in promixity you are to the ground in one of these things until you stand next to one and your back aches automatically in sympathy of having to lower yourself to insertion level. And I’m only 5’10…so it’s not like I’m coming down from great heights to driving position.

Notice the lack of door handles? At best guess you approach the car, yell ‘I am rich, open the doors Hal’ and the onboard computer checks your back account for evidence of buying polo tickets (or tickets to the opera, theatre or members areas at horse racing tracks) and opens accordingly. Which means for me it’s locked up tighter than a taxman’s grip on this years refund.

Until my brilliant idea of course. That should pop up any time now.

There could be 4 cylinders in this one. There could be 6. It eats twisty roads for breakfast. Then more for lunch and a couple on the way home for dinner.

Suicidal birds fly in here and potential freeze to death. Obviously it’s not a good choice for ornathologists unless there’s a lot of windy roads on the way to the nearest bird watching spot.

It looks amazing – I want it.

Now…does anyone have any spare multi-million dollars ideas floating around? 😛


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