Lotusing around Lancefield

Swap meet time again! Time for Baz the father in law and myself to wheel and deal and find that much needed part to his latest project. This time we found ourselves in the freezingly cold and then later on in the day quite toasty small Victorian town of Lancefield ready to discover bargains a plenty.

Sadly I had my hands quite full with a couple of bargains early which prevented me whipping out my phone and happy snapping anything that let out a rev but I did put down the goodies long enough to photographs so not so common gems in the middle of the show and shine.



Lotus Excel

And here I was thinking only Hyundai ever made something called the Excel! No idea on the year of this Lotus Excel and at first I thought it could be a contender in my Lotus Roller Skate mystery but according to Wikipedia nothing is mentioned about anything fiberglass being involved here. Still it looked gorgeous under the sunlight and unlike the box of DVD’s one local swap meeter tried to flog off to me in record time (“You like dvds mate? 20 bucks for the whole box! Don’t want to take it home!”) it’d probably cost a lot more than the cash in my back pocket to convince the owner to let me take it home.


Ford Sierra Cosworth

Okay so I’m not really down on my old school Ford Rally weapons just as yet so using this pic and the back of the car in the pic of the Lotus, could someone let me know if this is a RS500 edition? Still it looked like it was fresh out of the garage in a Forza video game and ripper fun to drive…if only they left the keys there to prove it 🙂

Other highlights of the Lancefield Swap Meet:

  • We found a decent sized electric 4 wheeler bike for the kids with a $50 price tag. However the seller really wanted it gone and $30 later I found myself wheeling it halfway across the swap meet to load it into Baz’s ute. #bargain
  • The Starcraft 2 Battlechest boxed set for $5. It was either that or a Tony Barber edition of Sale of The Century board game for the same price. I stuck with the pc game.
  • The people who would offer a price, we’d come back an hour later and they’d revert to the full price again until reminded and then drop the price even further. #morebargains

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