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Look, I might just wait for the next train if that’s okay with you…

Well we’ve hit a first here at Drive Another Day – our very first Lincoln…er…anything. And massive horns on the front aside, just wait until you see the rest of it..

Behold, the Trump Train?

Lincoln Town Car
Hilary looks thrilled!

Told ya.

And no, this is not a political post at all (if you’re going to drop a comment below, please make it about the shabby looking car rather than the man in the back – for the record I never liked the man but this is a car post first and foremost).

Firstly – what? That’s some dedication right there.

Secondly – It’s for sale!

Yes for $1500 US obo (Closer to $2K AUS)  you can be the proud owner of the Trump Train and…well do what you will with this particular Lincoln Town car. Ferry Donald around, swap the pictures around if you voted for Hilary, take kids to prom, the options are endless! However..

…you will have to fix this train first before everyone jumps on board. From the Facebook post (and big thanks to Facebook group I know what I have for alerting me to this) this is what you’re looking at:

1994 Lincoln Town Car · Sedan · Driven 213,568 miles Trump train, come get it rear end has issues 1500 obo  (Once again for my KM conversion brothers and sisters, that’s around 343704.379 KMs on the clock. Just worn in really!)

Lincoln Town Car

There was an attempt to get the rest of the Lincoln Town Car loving world to come on board and chip in some spare coin to get things up and running again via a gofundme however after a month, they’ve only managed to scrape together $110….

…out of a target of $50,000. And $100 was from the actual owner so I’m not sure how that works.

Any engine shots? Er…no.

What about some interior pics of this Lincoln Town Car, is the inside as dusty as on top? Well we don’t know either, because there are none.

But hey, if you’re in America currently and in the market for something like this, head to Moran Kansas (there’s a joke there that writes itself) and check out the local Facebook marketplace. Something like this shouldn’t take you too long to find..

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