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Once again Facebook marketplace comes up with the goods. Provided you’re looking for the completely out of the ordinary goods that is. Like this bike…limo…trike…mould!

If you have no plans in life, then you can buy these ones!

So according to the ad, you get the following for $39,950 AUD.

Build your own business, limo mould for sale.

Fiberglass Mould


Parts Buy List

Will consider swap for CVO Street Glide or Road King.

So I’m guessing the bike component doesn’t come with it then? Not sure. (Edit: It must be just the mould as the article linked below had the whole package for sale at 275k ono) However if you’ve ever wanted to start a limo business then this limo mould would be one hell of a show piece. I’m thinking weddings, I’m thinking school formals, I’m not thinking footy trips but if Mariah Carey/Elton John tours and needs some kind of transport..

limo mould

Hilariously even though I saved this a couple of months ago for a rainy day of article writing, it’s only now I notice that dickie seat at the back giving you a great look over the top canopy. So you can pretend you and a loved one are in a boat, which is actually a limo, powered by motorcycle. (Maybe park it near the water and cast a line from the top there?)

I’m guessing too given the exposure to the elements this would best be operated in the warmer seasons and stowed away for the winter. Unless you like the cold for some reason?

limo mould

Inside does look very inviting though and perfect for entertaining visiting dignitaries – you might need some sunscreen if you’re seated towards the back though.

limo mould

The amount of work involved in this thing is staggering and a full write up on what was involved, the power plant, the transmission and every other nitty gritty detail of the build process can be found via Just Bikes. While I haven’t seen it out and about so far, I would like to. It looks mad!

Not hard to find via Facebook – If you end up buying the mould and building one of these yourself, can I get a lift to work one morning in it? That would make a Monday so much more enjoyable. Thanks in advance!

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