Lightning McBenz or Beamer McQueen? You decide!

Ahh the things you find on Facebook…(although as backyard paint jobs go, this one’s an absolute winner!)

Introducing the happiest BMW E36 318ti you’re ever going to clap your eyes on or as the ad proclaims on Drift Sales:  ‘BMW E36 318ti Lemons Extrodanaire (Gods Chariot)’

And my god, what a chariot this baby is!

He’s obviously contemplating his next race.

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the ad is just as entertaining as this beast of a car is: 

Lightning McQueen was once a champion winning NASCAR but after the filming of Cars 3, and his retirement from top level racing, McQueen has had a tough run. Turning to drugs and alcohol, used infrequently but mainly for an annual event known as the 24 hours of Lemons.

I present to you Lightning McQueen E36 318ti edition. 
Ready to go race car. It has run 24 hours of Lemons 3 times and has been faultless. 
Spec include:
M44b19 (209,xxx on the clock)
5 speed manual with fresh clutch 
Agi 6 point state level roll cage
Cobra bucket seat 
5 point RPM harness 
Adjustable seat rail 
Front coilovers 
Ferodo high temp brakes 
4.1 ratio diff 
Electrical cut offs

EDIT: this car is to the book in terms of lemons rules. It was purchased for under $999 and has had money spent for safety and making sure it will last. If you have done lemons, you’ll know how loosely these rules are followed by most teams.

Comes with a heap of spares and 2 sets of wheels.

Not registrable in current form. No reg or rwc.

$6000ono, have M50 Swap kit available for extra.

Moorabbin, Vic

How good do the movie stickers look? It’s even got some Rusteze sponsorship for that smooth bumper feeling!

(Loving the carefully colour coded exhaust peaking out there too.)

Once upon a time my kids had more than a slight interest in the Cars movies but nowadays if I rolled up in this mighty race car, they’d probably give it the once over and then race back to playing Minecraft. My wife would probably hang around for a least a second later, wondering why I thought it’d be a good idea to buy this thing..

Not that I need a Lemons car per se….but if you’re going to try and win the race, you may as well do it in style.

In the words of Lightning himself, CH-CHOW!

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