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Let’s get historic – Part 1 The Displays

It’s been a while between race tracks. Initially I thought my last stop was Phillip Island (9 years back) but then I realised I was also working at the Gold Coast 600 a couple of years back so that’s the closest one. Still, either way it’s been a while between track visits and so the family jumped at the chance to take in the sights, sounds and metal of Winton Historic on the Sunday just gone.

I walked a lot of the grounds and took many a picture which is while this latest post will be in separate parts, putting things into various categories rather than one massive pic dump. So on that, let’s start with some of the display cars including quite a few you just don’t see around on the roads so much anymore and my occasional ramblings along the way..

Tucked away by a shed out near the pits, this Fiat could probably easily be parked in the exhausts of some of the race cars. Able to fit two people and a bag of shopping (at a pinch) you could only imagine its top speed of ‘barely there’ when/if it took on the track.

While there were a few Lotus’s on display, I think this one just missed the cut off time because it ended up in the communal car park instead. Still in saying that it’s very hard to overlook a bright yellow Lotus Elite parked anywhere so it probably still got a lot of admirers anyway.

I can’t remember the last time I saw an MR2 Spyder anywhere. I met a CEO who drove one once and that memory stood out simply because it wasn’t the stock standard choice of BMW or Mercedes. Maybe it was this one originally?

Great to see a couple of Z cars there including this 240Z (we’ll get to the 260 in just a sec). I have a soft spot for these things because Dad owned a 260Z years ago and its always great to see one out and about in any condition.

There were cars that James Bonds drove and then there was one car by the car maker Bond which I’m going to save for a post later on, given its uniqueness and the fact that it was sporting one less wheel then this Z3..

All the way from Japan came this supercharged MR2 and given the choice between this historic beast and the one earlier, yeah there’s something majestic about this lunchbox version..


I recall a time a few years ago where every importer under the sun was offering services to bring GT4 Celicas over as a more affordable choice compared to your Skylines, Supras and Last Gen Mazda Rx7s. Here’s one that didn’t slide off a rally track and into an unforgiving tree.

Look, besides having owned an RX a long long time ago, I still maintain that this version of the Mazda RX series was the sexiest of them all. And still after all this time, it looks just as good now (well especially in this condition) as it did back in the 2000s. Just stunning, shining away in the sunlight.


And again, something that used to be the modders choice back in the mid to late 90s, the AWD Tx3 Ford Laser. Back then the bullet style headlights were pretty rare so you could only imagine what they’re worth in 2022 prices but great to see one still on the road. That interior takes me back though and more for memories of my own Laser than any fondness for the style..


The Ford memories continued with this great looking Sierra Cosworth which you could just imagine sliding sideways nicely on that gravel before finally finding a park..

‘Dad, what happened here?’ – Jackson my 10 year old. I’m not sure but it doesn’t look like a cheap fix..

First newer Alpine I’ve seen in the wild. Sophie isn’t too sure what to make of it though..

‘Dad, why is there a Honda engine in there?’ Another question from Jackson after I pointed out that this Mini was not like the others. ‘Because it fits’ was the best idea I had at the time. And looks like a blast to drive too no doubt.

Imagine being pulled over by this cop car! (Provided you could see it in your rear view of course..)

And finally for those purists who still find the 90’s Mazda Rx7 above still ‘too new to be sexy’ then enjoy this gorgeous E-Type instead. There truly was something for all tastes at Winton!

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