Let there be lights – Honda Civic edition

It truly is a sorry state of affairs when you see a picture and have to play a game of real or photoshop? But in the case of this Honda Civic, it’s very real. And part Chevy GMT900..

Now I wish I had more to share with you here but not being a native New Yorker, it’s doubtful that the Facebook group Buying and Selling Cars (NYC) is going to let me in for a closer look anytime soon. So you’ll have to suffice with the pic above and this sale ad, lovingly shared once again by the fun crew over at I Know What I Have on Facebook.

Honda Civic

Oh and this video that someone shared on Reddit a few months ago so you can get closer to this HonChev lighting experiment.

And in case you’re reading in the land of kilometres and wondering that mileage equates too, try 523000 clicks. Which means this car has circled the world at least 41 times. (Although not sure how many of those circling the globe trips actually included the giant headlights.)

Those headlights by the way once upon a time started off on something like this from the GMT900 platform. This is a Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Big lights and plenty of bulk to match. The Honda on the other hand..

Not only that, but it seems to be suffering from a touch of identity crisis because a 2004 Honda CR-V actually looks like:

Not a Honda Civic

But hey, according to the owner it’ll run forever (if the mileage is to be believed then this Honda Civic has certainly put the effort!) and with those lights on high beam you’ll never miss a trick on the roads or anywhere ever again!

(Anyone got more pics we can share here?)

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