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Loving the looks while lounging in the Le-Seyde

It’s coming up to 4 years now since my family and I moved up to the Gold Coast. And in all that time, how exactly did I miss this thing? I mean it’s not like I could have confused it for another car…

Introducing…The Mitsuoka Le-Seyde!


Okay so the Facebook post on this cruise wagon pretty much spells out why I’ve never crossed paths with any so far, let alone being here on the GC – namely there really aren’t many around!:

Seller’s Description

The Mitsuoka Le-Seyde. It was a limited produced car, based on the Nissan Silvia S13. Only 500 units were made, and Mitsuoka states that all were sold within four days after they went on sale. Registered till 18/10/2020. It is a show stopper and a head tuner. I absolutely love this car, but selling as I do not have parking available for it anymore. It has been well maintained. Please only call if you are a genuine buyer.

$135,000 AUD

Wowee, is this something else. I’m still trying to work out if I like the styling or not but depending on the angle, it really looks like someone dropped a late 80’s/early 90s Japanese coupe on top of a Rolls Royce. Is that a good thing? You decide! It is definitely different!

Honestly though, I hate the rims. I know the whole thing is automotive bling but I’d reckon something old school with much stronger lines would be better suited for it. There’s a few pictures of Le-Seyde’s with white walls about and I reckon it really suits them. Does this not scream class? It sure screams something!

Apparently these things were based on the Zimmer Golden Spirit, another name of the list of cars I’ve never come across or ever heard of until now. That list grows by the day!

Can I admit to liking the Zimmer better?

Still, as rarity goes, this Le-Seyde is up there with rocking horse poo and I’m hoping whoever does buy it keeps in as nice condition as it is currently. Garish it may be, but it’s nice to see a strange bit of automotive history getting out and about.

That rear though….

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