Late to the tribute party

Update: Stagea still for sale but at least the offers of next to nothing for it have dropped to a trickle (want to buy it? Check out more info in a few posts below this one!) In the meantime, allow me to present to you this: A Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR…tribute!

Not only did it make me scratch my head so much I broke a finger, it’s also been splashed across plenty of car blogs like this one way before I tripped over it…so you may have come across this already. Still, better late than never!

Feel free to sing ‘Tribute’ by Tenacious D while viewing this creation.

Now if you’re not across what a Benz C8 GTR looks like in the metal, allow me to fix you with this:

However unless you’re a Gallagher brother from Oasis making roughly $2600 every day from all of the streams of 90’s hit Wonderwall, buying an actual Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR might be a touch out difficult on account of it being well out of your financial stratosphere. In that case, you’ll find this tribute model so much more affordable. I mean side by side you’d be hard to pick…uh…actually..

But then you’ve got to remember the build here wasn’t to make a carbon copy replica (or close to it) but rather a tribute. And unlike most Facebook car sale ads taken with only a couple of blurry pictures taken with a potato, this one has plenty so you can really see the work involved (of which there is an absolute ton!)



Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR

From the ad itself:

This is a tribute of a 2011 Mercedes-Benz AMG C8, GTR, street-legal, road race car with thoughts of running the LeMans, sauber, Autobahn. This car is a concept that is inspired by the C8,C9,C11 Mercedes-Benz road race cars.

It starts right up with ease, has all the features of a modern car horn, heat, wipers, lights, ext. It steers with ease partially because most of the weight is in the rear of the car.

This car is about 8 in. wider than your average car which makes it very easy to handle round turns, it has independent suspension all the way around a V8 SPC 350 engine mated to a heavy duty six rib transmission with 4-wheel disc brakes


It has Gullwing doors, a Full Tilt rear body for accessing the engine compartment, this is the one off build the hidden Frame and structure is amazing extremely well done




I am 5. 9 tall 250 lb this car will fit a healthy guy lower price to 40,000 or trade



Truth be told, it’s not really my cup of tea (then again Mercedes has never been on my shopping list for any reason really, even after driving an E-Class a few years ago) but Matchbox model looks aside, I can appreciate the work that’s gone into this and from the outset it actually does look like a hoot to punt around it. It would be stupid amounts of fun on the open road and at the lights and probably nowhere near as subtle in smooth sound as the original, but who cares – it’s a tribute!

And yes I’d love to give it a spin. Actually more than that I’d love to see it at a Coffee and Cars get together, parked next to an actual C8 GTR just to see which car got more looks – I have a suspicion for pure novelty factor alone the original might just be pipped at the post on that one..

(Those grandpa style racing seats though have got to go though..)



Currently for sale in the states for 40K (it was 75k once upon a time according to other pages) although given the coverage this car has had so far before I spied it myself on Facebook, hopefully some odd ball collector scoops it up for shits and giggles and uses it for the occasional lazy day race track spin. Here’s hoping.

Also anyone want to buy a Stagea?

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