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The more you know – Convertible TX3

Inspired by a Ford Laser TX3 I passed yesterday (with the rarer than hens teeth bullet style headlights) I was curious to find out what the going price was currently for the little turbo fed AWD buzz box. (Not that I’m buying one, but still..)

However a quick look on eBay has netted something even more curious – a TX3 convertible! This is the first time in my 34 years of rambling that I’ve ever seen one..

At first I thought that what I was looking at was a similar backyard job to the Mitsubishi Colt drop top we found earlier but no, it turns out that back in the 80’s someone at Ford figured there’d be a market for these. Not much of a market obviously because I’ve never seen one until now, but hey people who wanted a Tx3 with extra structural weight reinforcement and a higher chance of sunburn were in luck.

Tx3 Convertible


How have I never seen one of these in the wild?

This one that had me scratching my head in bewilderment is currently priced at 3K:

Hello there you happy car buyers this is the top deal.

We have got, A1987 Ford Laser Convertible TX3 1.6j.

Brought as a project car but things change so here it is for some very lucky person.

Money that I have spent on it since 20/09/13,

Alpine CDE – 142E CD Radio $239.00 from Elite The King Of Car Audio.

New 15×7 speedy mags with 195/50R15 XENON tyre with lock nuts Bob Jane.

Also Front and Rear shocks, inner and outer cv boots and regrease, service plugs, air filter, fuel filter $1,364.00.

Also new headlights got rid of the sealed beams.

Total spent about $2,833.00

It goes extremely well mech A1 come test drive. First to look will buy that’s how good it is excellent project car for the wife or girlfriend.

I don’t know about you but if I brought home this convertible TX3 to the wife, she’d probably reach for the divorce papers.

Still, that interior takes me back..

Convertible TX3



Now that I’ve posted about it, I’ll probably see heaps in my travels (well I’m hoping too).
Anyone actually owned/ driven one of these rare beasties?


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