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We need to chase some more bad guys, Michael.

Break out the big hair, undo your first two shirt buttons and get set – we’ve just found out a way you can be the next Knight Rider!

Well a slightly more up to date Knight Rider than the first time the Hoff jumped into this war machine and chased a bad guy, because his KITT originally was a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from 1982.

Mountain of chest hair completely optional.


Where this one found on Facebook classifieds of all places is from 1989 but still, it’s a pure slice of 80’s nostalgia from the outside to the inside.


We’ll get to some more inside pics in just a sec too. Let’s just admire the sleek clean lines of this KITT first and that wonderful 80’s light show. You can almost hear the voice of KITT suggesting that going that fast wouldn’t be a good idea…Michael. Glorious.

So black, so subtle. So far away in California currently but if you’re super keen to live back in the 80’s you should be prepared to travel.

Again like the R31 GT Wagon we recently discovered, it’s definitely what’s on the inside here that makes this machine so special. In this case so many headache inducing lights and buttons to play with giving you months of fun trying to work out which one belches out a smoke screen and which one makes a mean cup of coffee.

Again, I look at this picture and instantly think of KITT’s computerized voice warning me not to do something stupid. ‘No I will not race your Stagea Al.’ ‘No you shouldn’t let your kids press every one of my buttons randomly Al.’ ‘No I will not charge your mobile phone Al, I’m built for so much more than that.’ And I can visualize the red lights in the center there bouncing up and down as he speak. Boy does that take me back!

This would (and should) be the ultimate Uber. Lets just leave the year of manufacturer aside for the moment, who wouldn’t want a ride from KITT, especially if it talks to you along the way?

From the facebook ad:

Vehicle Features
    • Exterior

    • Alloy Wheels
    • Entertainment

    • AM/FM Stereo
    • Convenience

    • Air Conditioning
    • Cruise Control
    • Power Door Locks
    • Power Steering
    • Power Windows
    • Tilt Steering Wheel
    • Transmission

    • Automatic
    • Others

    • Cassette
    • Drivetrain

    • RWD
    • Engine

    • V8, TPI, 5.7 Liter

A steal at just 20K too…

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