Killed my car, can I have another one?

Well that’s a new one – I was busy searching the local classifieds for some bargain metal to write about and instead came across a wanted ad with a difference…

Yes it’s not a specific request for a particular model, it’s a request on Gumtree for pretty much any car that you’re happy to give away:

I rode off my car and didn’t have car insurance, now I have no money what so ever so thought I’d post a add on gumtree seeing if anyone wanted to give me a car that works and looks alright, why not! If there is someone generous enough out there who wants to give me one I’ll take it 🙂 don’t actually think this will work but at least I can’t say I didn’t try. So someone out there with deep pockets can reach in and fork out a car I would actually really appreciate it. Been so depressed having to use public transport everywhere, all because my stupidity in not getting car insurance! RIP my little Suzuki swift 🙁 anyone with a big heart and deep pockets feel free to give me one and I will look after it! I promise!

Of course not having a single cent to your name probably won’t help you pay for insurance this time around either so there’s that. Oh and cars worth nothing usually require a lot of work before this country decides they’ve hit their favored state of being roadworthy. Oh and then there’s rego, that’ll add some cost oh and petrol before we forget…

This was the picture that accompanied the ad:

Pic on Gumtree
Girl, bird, ink. How bout a free car then?

(Are we the only ones cringing at the thought of a whole army of creepy internet guys offering their spare cars to ‘help out?’ Ugh.)

Then again it is the internet, it is Gumtree and like a box of chocolates left in the hot weather for a month, it’s full of surprises. She might actually gain enough interest to start her own scrap yard and be able to afford all the running costs needed for car ownership. She might get an army of Suzuki Swifts from rich people with hearts bigger than a set of scales in Texas.

Or more than likely she’ll learn to enjoy walking to work again..

(Hey if did get a free car out of this could you let us know? I’ve got some space out the back of my place for a spare couple of Mazda Rx7’s that nobody wants).

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