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The colorful cabs of Kathmandu

So it’s been a little over a month since I last posted and plenty going on behind the scenes with other projects (like this one) and the occasional hiccup (in a future post I’ll explain what happened with the Stagea and a roundabout last week…). However I’m back for this five minutes and I’ve brought you…a bunch of taxis.

No no, not like the classic EJ Holden Taxi we unearthed a while back, but a bunch of taxis from Katmandu where the drivers have really taken the time to make your next trip around town a very visual experience..

It’s highly unlikely I’m ever going to find myself in Nepal at any stage…

However if I do, I’ll be sure to jump into the most stylish of local cabs. Luckily there’s plenty of variations to choose from!

Now call me dubious, but I highly doubt that this speed machine is bouncing around on Tein springs. Or has a Cusco sway bar. Or has any other parts from Apexi aside from the sticker. But I am impressed that the driver loves his Adidas shoes so much, he wears the badge proudly on the side of his taxi…

No need to advertise what parts this little Suzuki is packing, the sign on the drivers door says it all – this mini mean Kathmandu taxi machine was built for one thing. Well two things actually, carrying passengers and SPEED. Which is great when you need to travel to Kathmandu Valley Nepal at some pace. (Don’t pick the one with SLOW on the door, that taxi driver isn’t joking about his pace..)

kathmandu taxi

Adidas – the footwear choice of the most discerning taxi driver.

Does that say ‘extreme?’ That explains the shopping list of mod stickers next to it. This Suzuki taxi is ready to take on SPEED taxi at their next dash to the airport.

But I don’t want to go SPEED! you moan. That’s okay fam, take this one instead. Cab Relax says it all. So comfortable, don’t be surprised if you nod off peacefully in the back seat while it takes you where you need to go…


And have I saved the best for last? But of course!

Hell Rider. The name says it all really. Don’t you dare get in its way.. shivers

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