John has a dream to eat a lot of dirt and small stones

God, I love the random things you find advertised on Gumtree…like John’s mission to find a free Rally Car…

This is John’s message to the world, which I stumbled across while looking at the Freebies section of Gumtree:

I have a dream
I wish to build up a rally car regardless if it’s good for the job or not
If I can start a career out of it then I would have you to thank for the head start
Because I don’t have much money to throw away and I don’t want to use my day to day car I am looking for a donor car that could be given to me or something cheap without reg road worthy etc
It won’t be driven on the road again as the work that shall be done will deem it very un roadworthy
I would prefer it was able to start and run even if it needs a couple of parts to keep running smoothly
Manual is much preferred but not 100% required
Write offs can be tempting so long as it could atleast roll in a straight(ish) line
Note that photos are not mine
They are from Google
Help a young blokes dream come true
Text John (me) on ******4327 and feel free to share what you have with me
I will NOT make you transport for me 😀

John, on behalf of the second hand motoring world (and the second hand turned into Rally Car world) we sincerely hope that someone does read your message, looks to their backyard and finally frees their Holden Nova from the massive weeds for you to turn into a gravel tearing, engine snorting weapon of rally car fury.

Of course if there’s not a spare Nova going (there was a free one in the Freebies section but I don’t know if John got to it quick enough) the world has already proved that when there’s a will, a spanner and a way, you can turn a lot of things into something rally worthy:

Like a Ford Laser

Rally car

or a Hyundai Excel

Rally car

or even a Subaru Vortex

Rally car


Wait…someone managed to rally a Delica??? Quick, give John one!

Rally car


What about a Daewoo Matiz-


-no wait, John can’t be that desperate..

John if somehow you’ve managed this page, maybe something like this could come in handy? [easyazon_link identifier=”0857333488″ locale=”US” tag=”theworsdjever-20″]Race and Rally Car Source Book – 30th Anniversary Edition: The Guide to Building or Modifying a Competition Car[/easyazon_link]


TLDR? We’ve summed it up in video form for ya 😀


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