Plane engines and pancakes – the Jindera Swap meet 2022

Jindera Swap meet

Busy week for site content this week – picked up my latest car (more about that coming soon) and thanks to a work opportunity, I came face to metal with an angry snarling Monster Truck again. But before we get to that, let’s take you back to Sunday just gone for the shiny bits and pizzas that rolled into the annual Jindera swap meet…

All roads lead to the Jindera Swap Meet 2022

Although trying to find a park when the show is in full swing can be quite a challenge because the small township was jumping by the time we rolled in mid morning. Still we nabbed one soon enough and before we knew it, the kids and I were trawling the stalls looking for anything and everything in no particular order. I mean if you have a strange mannequin head shaped hole in your life..

Jindera Swap Meet

Or maybe like my brother and I (hi Guy!) who grew up on 8 bit gaming systems, you’re keen to get into a little old school Sega action – in which case..

Jindera Swap Meet

Food options were good but a word of advice – be wary of those without a price. Three of these things pictured cost a pretty penny and I wasn’t the only one who went ‘Wait, how much?’

But of course we didn’t come for the pricey pancake things. we came for the bargains and the cars. The latter of which we’ll get to after we admire this 40 year project. The hellcat engine that powered tanks.


Tom the owner, builder and restorer of this 9 cylinder supercharged beastie was more than kind enough to share his story – found in a paddock sinking in the mud after being used in a tank for land clearing, he grabbed it and set about rebuilding it from the ground up over the next four decades,  occasionally bringing it out to days like the Jindera swap meet to display and fire up hourly. In case you’re wondering yes it is currently for sale and Tom thinks it may just end up back in a million dollar tank restore somewhere in the US pretty soon.

Also I’d bet my last dollar many people looked at it on the Sunday, wondering what kind of insane car build they could shoehorn it into..


I’ll leave you with this. It’s not every car in attendance but a fair part of the rides on show. Enjoy!

Thanks Jindera, see you at the next one!

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