It’s all happening again in the snow..

Another day, another car/bike mashup in an obviously cold part of the US. Last time it was a Toyota MR2 meeting up with a pair of Kawasaki’s Ninja’s, this time we head 950 miles east from Montana to Wisconsin for a meeting between an old Honda motorcycle and a Pontiac Fierro. And to our utterly insane delight, you can buy this project too!

Too much time in the snow? Too many car bodies and bike parts lying around gathering too much…er…snow? At least the cold isn’t killing any creativity as in all honesty this Honda-Pontiac Fierro mashup looks pretty good. Utterly terrifying at any speed past cruising probably but good for a laugh up until that point.

Pontiac Fierro Pontiac Fierro

First obvious problem is the supreme lack of heating options and the need to dress up like a Siberian road worker in the dead middle of a Russian winter just to be able to pop down to the shops comfortably for some milk in this things. Maybe save it for the summer months then.

And possibly throw a tarp over it in the meantime..

Also given the proximity of the bike seat, you’d want to be on pretty good terms with your driver if you’re in one of the Fierro seats as you’re going to get a decent view of their leg and one ass cheek for the duration of your ride. Not to mention every bug and flying critter that avoids kamikazeing itself on the Honda’s windscreen. So maybe this would be best as a slow going prom surprise vehicle or a hilarious wedding vehicle. Do you have a hankering to reminisce about the 80’s on the way to your nuptials? This would tick that box quite nicely.

Pontiac Fierro

So what’s this Honda Pontiac Fierro worth then? Just $1700 US for a hilarious attempt to get it road registered:

I want to apologize to everyone who has posted about the Trike. There was a mis-communucation between the owner and I and the price is 1700 firm. I will go back to the first posting and so on, again I apologize. Fun, Fast, Unique Trike. Runs, drives, and stops. It’s like having the best of both Bike and car 🙂 1700 firm

And after this, I’m wondering what other insane mashups built in cold confines we can find for this page? If you come across any, let me know!

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