It came from hell. We should tow it back.

Repent sinners for the apocalypse is nigh! However due to budget cuts the four horsemen have swapped out their firey steeds for this unholy beast I have accidentally stumbled over…(although they’re secretly hoping that nobody actually witnesses them having to ride in it…)

I present you with…er this. Whatever the hell this thing actually is. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Sadly it doesn’t get any prettier not saner from any other unholy angle. Even the wheels are cursed. Just look at them, I can feel them leach away at my very being as we speak!

It’s like it took a wrong turn through the most demonic of swamp shores before dragging up most of it when coming back to our plane of existence. Is it powered by souls? I’m almost afraid to ask.


So what is it? Well I’m not exactly sure…American cars not being my strong point to start and this looking like it was spewed up by some city eating monster after way too much beer, at best guess it may have once been a Corvette. Or something attempting to look like one. (Anyone was to hazard a guess at the cost of your soul for knowing this demon’s true name? Lynx318 or @j85063 on Steem you’re both pretty good at this)

Hilariously Google image search doesn’t ID it but does suggest ‘performance car’ as an option.

Maybe the devil should put down the crack pipe once in a while?

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