Is it just me? Servo air edition

Now is it just me or do we share the same problem here? Namely when I don’t want nor need to put some more air in the tires via the nearest servo, the bay is free. Wide open. Ready for business. Unoccupied for hours.

But as soon as I even think about checking the tire pressure or boosting up anything that looks like it needs some more pumping up, every man, woman and child that owns rubber suddenly decides they want to do that too?

Today’s a great example. I pulled into the nearest servo to work (service/gas station for those still learning the aussie lingo) and was just about to pull into the bay when someone in a Land Rover raced in from the other side of the station to beat me to it. I even copped a filthy look from him too for some reason, like my wagon wasn’t fit enough to share the same free machine as his highness’s royal chariot.

No, not this king.

Since he wasn’t going to wait for me, I wasn’t going to watch him fart around (or get his manservant to do it on his behalf) and so drove to the next one. Only to find a couple who decided the bay next to the air pump was a fantastic place to clean their car top to bottom and I mean that literally. I watched in wonder as they emptied the boot, wiped down the windows, vacuumed the carpets and then finally pump up the tires. It was like they were getting the car ready for a sale (although the large scratches down the side or the cracked tail light certainly wouldn’t have helped.)

Now just in case they weren’t aware that I was waiting, I pulled up behind them and was promptly ignored. Obviously I missed the sign that read ‘selling your car? Get it ready here!’ and so I sat and waited, listening to Jim Cornette wax lyrical over the demise of anything wrestling related in AEW until they were ready to move on/sell the car.

Of course I just put air in one tire (the one I was concerned about) when suddenly another car pulled in behind me, really wanting some of that free oxygen stuff.

Had I just come in for petrol, the bay would have been empty the entire time.

Is it just me? Does this happen to you? Let me know below!

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