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Well it does look like a classic Porsche..

Look, I know what an Intergrale is. It’s a Lancia I’d swap a testie for (okay maybe not a complete testie but something of equal worth). What about an Intermeccanica? Okay that’s a new one. Because coming face to face with one at the Llyods auction yard today, I could have sworn it was an old Porsche with different badges..

Because for all intents and purposes, I see this and my brain goes ‘Ding! That’s an old porsche.’

This is a Porsche is it not?

However there’s not a single Porsche badge on it. So it’s not a Porsche then?

Nope, turns out it’s a Intermeccanica Roadster D.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then…


So what is a Intermeccanica Roadster D?

The website explains: The Intermeccanica Roadster “D” is a custom built high quality reproduction of the 1959 356-A Convertible D, featuring in-house designed and built tubular steel perimeter chassis and a Canadian made one piece composite body. The Intermeccanica Roadster “D” is our flagship model with its timeless style and its magnificent cabin featuring the unique one year only (1959) windscreen and fully developed convertible top, you will enjoy your Roadster “D” just as much with the top up as you will with the top down.  The perfect choice for drivers over six feet and those who enjoy the open air but can appreciate enhanced wind protection and great visibility with the top up! Each Roadster “D” is meticulously assembled to the original specifications and material.

So it’s a hand built Porsche 356A replica! You learn something new every day!

There’s plenty going on with one of these things too:

Intermeccanica Roadster “D” Standard Features

  • Original Convertible D windshield and top with large rear window for excellent top-up visibility/wind protection
  • Original Convertible D glass roll up side windows with positive seal on all sides
  • Intermeccanica designed Stayfast cloth top with zippered rear window for optimum visibility and durability
  • Full custom construction hand-built to customer specifications
  • Original style cockpit layout with ample space and leg-room (even for drivers over six feet)
  • Original restoration grade detail and materials throughout
  • Intermeccanica designed and fabricated- tube-steel chassis
  • Canadian made one-piece, fully-reinforced ISO resin composite body, box-section hood, trunk and doors
  • Fully jig-bonded body and frame
  • Oven post-cured body to guarantee fiberglass stability
  • High-quality body preparation and paint, utilizing epoxy primer and Glasurit German acrylic urethane paint
  • Full cut-polish finish
  • Dedicated body and suspension assembly by Intermeccanica staff utilizing a combination of in-house fabricated components and top quality original restoration parts

Intermeccanica Roadster “D” Options include

  • Engine options including Air Cooled 4cyl with 145/165HP, Subaru 4cyl Liquid Cooled 165 to 250HP, 911 Air Cooled 6cyl (1969-1989) 120-300HP
  • OEM style air conditioning systems
  • Interior finish material upgrade to Spinnybeck full leather and Original German milled Square Weave wool carpets
  • Full line of convenience options including power windows & locks, seat heaters, modern and vintage audio systems
  • Full range of original interior and exterior trim
  • Choice of VW ball-joint or 900 series strut front suspension in stock or HP configurations
  • Choice of VW or 900 series semi trailing arm rear suspension in stock or HP configurations
  • “Vintage Racing” look body and trim details including custom engine deck lid and bumper trim

(4cyl Subaru engine? An EJ20 would be a good fit..:D)

What are one of these worth?

A decent replica 356A seems to be going for anything from 40k-85k here in Australia (that’s 40k for a race ready version, 85k for a low k replica). But hey, if you’ve always wanted a 356A and couldn’t afford it, there’s always the Intermeccanica!


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