In complete wrecks and deep rust, we trust

So who’s keen on a rusty wreck that’s seen many summers rotting away under a tree?

Lots of people on Facebook it seems!

A back story, please.

For as long as I’ve known him my father in law has always had a few rusty wrecks parked out the back of the farm. There’s a VS Commodore near the wood bin that’s been busy collecting spiders, a commuter bus behind the shed that’s been relegated to storing the collection of bbqs and until recently there was also a small Honda and a VW powered kit car that’s sole purpose was to collect leaves and rust in that order (this has since been sold to someone who will probably use it for the same purpose ultimately.)

Then there were the two Mini’s that he had big plans for but then ran out of dreams. And to free up some coin for a new project, it was time for the rusted Mini’s to wind up on someone else’s farm..

Rusty Wrecks
Be free Minis!

God bless the net..

The trouble was that Baz didn’t actually know the full details of both cars and had a vague idea on what they might be. And he didn’t really want to sell them without knowing as much of the full story as possible. He knew that the white one was a Morris Mini 1100 K but had run into people who claimed they never existed and the green one he was convinced was wearing the wrong tags and could be a bits and pieces special judging on the rough work he’d discovered the Mini had copped over the years before he bought it.

A bit of Googling and research through the details, numbers and info we scraped together from a thorough look over (I’m far better at car research than any actual wrenching on one) I was happy to report that Baz actually had:

1 x 1971 Morris Mini 1100k (They did exist and he was happy it was proven)

1 x 1966 Morris Mini 850 (turns out everything was in order as it should be according to the miriad of Mini info sites we checked out the run the numbers.)

Rusty wrecks
The 850 in ‘New Cedar Green’

Now that we knew what the rusty wrecks were, it was now time to find someone keen on them..

Cheers Mr Zuckerberg!

Who’s keen on rusty wrecks? Why all the followers on the Rusty Wrecks Facebook Page of course! A mere 30 minutes after posting up a few choice photos and details of the two minis and Baz had his first fanatic ready to give one of the cars a new home. Of course the major problem was the fact that he was 2000kms away…but hey, advertising works! Since then (over the weekend) there’s a tonne of interest even though the white mini beast was sans an engine or gearbox. There’s a few people on their way to have a look in person so it won’t be long before the rusty wrecks exit and a new project lands.

Rusty wrecks
The not so common 1100K

In wrecks and rust we trust

Have a look at some of the interesting bits and pieces that have turned up recently on the page. Ahh if only I knew what I was actually do when it came to working on cars further than just basic maintenance..

ZD Ford Fairlane 500
ZD Ford Fairlane 500
Gemini TG Panelvan
Gemini TG Panelvan
Ford Anglia 105e
Ford Anglia 105e
1966 Opel Rekord
1966 Opel Rekord

Got a rusty wreck that need’s a new home? Put it on Facebook now!
Also if you do end up with a rusty wreck, maybe something like this could come in handy 😉

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