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I can see the pub from up here.

Look, it’s going to be another case of ‘this guy has zero clue when it comes to the entire Holden model range and wouldn’t know the difference between a VN and a VIP.’ But lack of Holden letters aside, I’m getting good at spotting something out of the ordinary when it comes to the brand… 

The trouble is, NSW rego is just as confused as I am, telling me the plates actually belong to…

Can anyone see the problem here? Anyone?

Oh what a feeling?

Did Toyota make a VN-VP Station wagon? (Yeah I think I figured it out what it was) Or is that a Hilux bottom end and that’s what they’re going off?

That’s an amazing shade of er…two tone white?

Rolling, rolling, rolling, rawhide!

Thankfully the auction website adds more info that I could in the 5 minutes I stopped and stared at it…

1990 Holden VN Commodore
Year: 1990
Make: Holden 
Model: Commodore
Series: VN
Body: Station Wagon 4WD
Odometer: Indicating 259,923km
Engine: 8-Cylinder Petrol
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
Colour: White & Orange
Seats: 5
Description/extras: You won’t see too many of these running around; an absolute dream for any paddock bashing off road enthusiast! Using the body of a VN Commodore station wagon and the chassis of a Toyota Hilux, the current owner of this vehicle has created something truly original. Built intentionally to have a bit of fun and challenge the norms, this VN will definitely turn head and raise eyebrows. Overall the build presents quite well and will be sold with a full NSW engineers report undertaken 2010.

Ahh, so technically it is a Toyota (under a Holden shell). As for paddock bashing, this thing looks like it could completely obliterate paddocks and anything in them.

Now am I the only one who thinks something like this would be hilarious to take the kids to school in?

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