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9 (car) reasons to check out Hyperdrive on Netflix

‘Are you watching Hyperdrive on Netflix?’ was a text message I received from my good mate Brixey last night. ‘It’s like American Ninja Warrior but with cars.’

And that’s exactly what it is – a series of challenges to put even the best driver and drift machine to shame. I’ve burnt through 2 and a half episodes already and I absolutely love it. And with all spoilers aside, here are 9 track tearing cars that really stood out for me in what I’ve seen so far (and I can’t wait to see what else shows up!)

Welcome to the cars of Hyperdrive!

Unfortunately while I can’t find a pic of the one in the comp, its based on this model. And modified to hell and back.
  1. 1993 Mazda FD3S Rx7 – It would be remiss of me not to include the one and only rotary engine I’ve spotted so far (like The Fastest Car I knew there had to be at least one in Hyperdrive somewhere). And before anyone makes any jokes about reliability, the 13BT works flawlessly in this car….it’s just everything else that goes bang in various challenges like the rear bar and the suspension. Okay it’s not the best looking example of this sexy model but the triangles spin fiercely and it’s a pleasure to see it fly the rotary flag.


8 2006 Ford Mustang – I suspect if you remove the layer of skin tissue from 20 year old Brazillian Diego Higo, you’ll find a t-1000 unit from the Terminator movie series grinning back at you which would go a long way to explain why a) He intimidates other drivers just by showing up and b) he’s cooler than liquid nitrogen when behind the wheel. Not even an industrial strength handbrake giving up in his iron grip fazes him in the slightest when he climbs into this Mustang and makes the course his bitch much to the amusement of his father spotter. This kid is a complete natural and drift super machine.

  1. The Drag Datsun 240Z – It’s another case for the argument ‘Drag cars do not make good drift cars’ but there is no denying that this orange 240z looks like an angry missile ready to tear a hole through time and space. And the air filter mounted up top looks like some 80’s missile guidance system. Glorious!

6. 2005 Lamborghini Huracan (I swear they said Aventador on the show..) – A four wheel drive Lamborghini designed to stick to the road like superglue in an event full of drifting? Is this like bringing a potato peeler to a sniper rifle convention? On paper yes. But there’s more to this car than meets the eye and a driver that wins your admiration not by being filthy rich but by knowing what he’s doing. It’s one of many many surprises that Hyperdrive is thriving on. More of these surprises please!

5 1978 Bedford Van – Looking like he’s just been possessed by the ghost of UK 70s music, Mad Mick is just as mad as his mad over powered Bedford van and has copious amounts of fun on the track, even when it’s going in the wrong direction. This doesn’t seem to surprise his spotter (his wife) who is probably more than used to him carving his own path in his Wacky Racer. This little monster is hilarious to watch in action and like he says ‘Takes off like a scalded cat.’ If only he could do it in the right direction… Onya Mick!

4. 1997 Nissan 240sx – The driver has the name of the nemesis from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (his name is Fielding Shredder) and a smile wider than the opening on his front bar (it’s harder to work out who is happier between him and the guy in at number 2). He also holds the honor of being the very first official Hyperdrive contestant and gets his Nissan sideways with the greatest of ease. He also proves to be quite creative, coming up with a very cheap solution to beat the Walk on Water challenge. Also his 240SX sounds great.

  1. Ford Mustang –  Yes it’s another Ford Mustang but the amazing thing about this one driven by competitor Sara Haro is the fact that a) it’s a V6 and not the V8 model b) She got it as a graduation present and c) aside from weight reduction, this thing is possibly the closest to stock car on the show. And even though it’s the closest to factory, this truck driver by day wields it as an absolute weapon and puts plenty of tricked out cars to shame in the process.


2. 2002 Toyota Crown – Making it look super easy and more importantly making it look stupidly fun, Atushi’s 2JZ powered Crown isn’t the biggest dog in the yard, nor the fastest, the loudest or the most powerful. And yet when he’s on song, he’s lethal. A master class in linking drift after drift and having the best time ever in the process he is now my favorite and if he doesn’t win, we riot. Go Atushi!

  1. 1986 BMW 325 – Have I saved the best car for last? Not at all. This 1986 E30 looks to have been bought for just a few hundred bucks via Gumtree South Africa and in comparison to everything else on the show (or as Brixey put it ‘Her dad possibly picked it up off the side of the road somewhere, he is a tow driver’), it’s packing as much technology as a pair of my cheap shoes. But what Stacey Lee May manages to do with this thing is truly amazing and the real story here. She’s a champion ‘spinner’ in South Africa (and lives her nickname of ‘The Smoke Queen’ to the fullest), her car is arguably the cheapest of the whole show and her dad sold his tow truck to get her and the Beamer there.
    I’m not going to tell you anything of her attempt on the track other than my heart was in my mouth and my emotions all over my sleeves, cheering on this little superstar to the very end. She’s a champion, so’s her dad and if Hyperdrive keeps surprising me with these emotional car related moments…well I’ll be a very happy viewer indeed.


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