How much is that in Cryptocurrency?

I have a passion for things with wheels (usually 4 but results may vary.) I have a trifling collection of various cryptocurrency. Can both these spheres of crypto and all things automotive combine for our latest article here at Drive Another Day?

It’s 2019. of course they can! You can buy practically anything with Bitcoin!*


*Bytecoin not so much.

Enter sites like Autocoincars where you can see the cash price of some tasty metal. And how much it’ll set you back in Bitcoin, Autocoin (?) and even old school cash if you still using that strange folding stuff. (I don’t see an option for Bytecoin yet but I’m sure that’s only an update away!)

Aside from the typical ‘lets buy a lambo when we hit the moon’ cryptocurrency chat, let’s see what’s on the crypto car menu then:

buy this car with cryptocurrency

Well here’s a cracking start, a 2018 Lotus Exige 380 Sport. You can practically feel the intense gravity like grip it applies to everything when cornering just by looking at it. Terribly for dropping the kids off or doing anything slowly, but how many bitcoins will it take to get this snarling beasty into your garage? (Provided you’re in the UK?) At the time of writing –

Well, I’m just a little shortchanged at the moment with just 0.00176509 BTC in my crypto account currently. So maybe in a few months if it’s still available? Maybe if we chose something a little more…affordable. Autocoincars, what else do you have? (Something for Bytecoin perhaps?)

buy this car with cryptocurrency

Ooh a 1996 TVR Griffith 5.0 does look too shabby either and this looks in great nick! Maybe my meager collection of crypto could stretch this this one instead? Manual, a sniff over 20000 miles…how much Mr Website Salesman?

Me: Er…how much would that be in Pundi X coin?

Salesman: (Pulls out calculator) Er…6982329475.336474

Me: Well I’ve got 18375 on me at the moment…

Salesman: The exit is over there, sir.

Right, so the TVR is off the list. What about the cheapest car on the site? Am I even close?

The website didn’t have a picture of this particular mean machine so here’s one we prepared earlier..

Er…what is it?

cryptocurrency car

Oh, right. I see.

0.238 is a little expensive for my tastes though….would you take 27,920.51 Bytecoin drive away no more to pay?

Exit over there? Okay, thank you!

(Anyone actually bought a car with crypto? Let us know below!)

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