Guess who you’re sharing the road with?

I don’t think there’s been a week on the roads where I haven’t seen someone chatting on their mobile/cell phone while driving, figuring ‘no one will see me doing this, surely..’

Surely not. Not after all those campaigns and hefty fines, loss of points, huge police focus..

Using a mobile phone or other device, like a Smart Watch, while driving can be distracting, increasing your chance of being involved in a crash or near crash. Looking at and touching devices at the same time is particularly distracting. -Vicroads

But if you think that’s the worst we’re getting up to when our eyes should be focused on the road ahead, prepare for a bit of a shock…

What we’re allowing ourselves to get distracted by when driving.


Take a selfie while driving and someone might do the same at your funeral...

Take a selfie while driving and someone might do the same at your funeral…

Parked car selfies and video chats in a stationary vehicle? Fairly safe (unless something ancient crashes into you of course..). For some reason though, more of us are trying one or the other at high speeds.

‘Research suggests 70% of drivers engage in some sort of smartphone activity. While texting (63%) and emailing (33%) are the two biggest offenders, four in 10 people are checking social media sites — 27% of those users cite Facebook as their main distractor, followed by Twitter at 14%. Another 28% of drivers said they surf the web while the car is in motion…’

Are people stupid enough to check friend requests on the freeway? The survey says yes…


Taking your eye off the road for just two seconds can increase the risk of an accident up to 24 times.
-An article in the Daily Mail

One cat dog, two cat dog. While two measly seconds doesn’t sound much at all when you’re changing the track of your in car entertainment, looking for a new station that isn’t playing Nicky Minaj, attempting to get your bluetooth to finally play friends with your dash or fishing out something for your classic 8 track – anything can change on the road ahead of you – and suddenly an extra 2 seconds of focus could be absolutely essential for avoiding disaster. Either master the art of being able to change stations by feel or wait til you’re safely stopped somewhere.

Pork rinds.

pork rinds

I wish I was joking. But no, pork rinds caused a distraction in the US. Of course the chance of this happening again are pretty remote but hey, don’t take any chances. Don’t rind and drive..

And finally…bass guitars.

Now attempt to perform an emergency brake while playing some ACDC

Now attempt to perform an emergency brake while playing some ACDC

We’d like to say it’s a once off, but according to Mashable there’s been sightings of a few people know attempting to play some kind of fretted instrument while driving. God only knows why. The acoustics in a Honda Accord can’t be that great, surely…

As a far more popular man than I once crooned ‘Keep yours eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel.’
Great advice there Jim.

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