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R31 GT Wagon – you are clear to land on runway 3…

Ahh bless the hard working lads at Iron Chef Imports and their always amusing Facebook page. Once again they’ve delved deep into the current offerings of importable Japanese automotive excellence and come up with a true winner.

Yes that is a fairly unexciting R31 GT Passage Wagon above (well unexciting for me but that blocky mid 80’s lunchbox on wheels look might just light a fire under you or deep within your cockles who knows.) But like a cream filled cheap chocolate or an ages old Limo on Gumtree, it’s what’s on the inside that counts..

And when I say inside, I’m not referring to the inside of the engine bay. In this case you won’t be surprised by a shoehorned 1JZ-GTE in there. Or a Mazda 13B. Or even a EJ25 thrumming away. But you should be okay with it’s RB20ET doing it’s thing. (No engine bay shots of this sadly but then again it’s not the point of this post as you’ll see in a sec)

GT Wagon

Looks like a fairly stock standard 80’s wagon yes?

No the highlight of this GT Wagon has to be the amazing interior. Sorry, I mean cockpit. Because it has enough knobs, dials and switches to impress the most avid Nissan aviation fan.

Cabin crew cross check and prepare for takeoff..

Feast your eyes on these gauges. All the gauges!

Unfortunately that’s the only pic of the switched up interior currently but there’s plenty of stuff there to keep you guessing for hours. Which one controls the flux capacitor? Which one plays the in flight movie and where do I find the controls to heat up the pretty lack luster in flight meal?
Are there any nuts on this flight and do oxygen masks pop out of the roof when this thing hits a vicious bump? So many questions!

(Are there life jackets under the seats? Asking for a friend..)

Surely one of them is for the passenger ejector seat too…surely.

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