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All that glitters is not just an Apple smartwatch

We read today that the new Apple Smartwatch will be released here in Australia sometime next month and for those who have more money than sense, there’s an 18 karat gold version that will set you back $24,000 AUS.

Yes 24K to blow on something that talks to your iPhone. I too can do this and I’m nowhere near that expensive.

However if you do prefer to put 24K towards filling your backyard with automotive gold (as in paint color..), allow us to unearth some possible purchases a little bit bigger than something you strap to your wrist..

So without any further ado, Driveanotherday.com presents:

What gold you can buy for $24,000 instead of spending all that coin on an Apple Smartwatch

This 1987 Ford Laser Ghia – $350


I can testify that these cars do run on the burp of a drunken sailor on shore leave and last longer than a garlic pizza on your breath the day after. Yes they were built for ‘practically no thrills’ motoring at its best but they’re honest cars that can go the distance (I moved house in mine three times!) provided you occasionally remember to get them serviced. The great thing is there’s plenty of them around so parts aren’t an issue, especially when they share pretty much everything under the bonnet as the Mazda 323.

Now we have left: $23,650


This 1985 Ford Telstar TX5 – $400


The Ghia not big enough and you need an extra 14cm (approx) of space for your mighty shoulders? Buy this epic throwback to (cheap looking) luxury living! Yes from a time when wheel hubs were influenced by the latest in kilt design and straighter than straight lines were all the rage in car design, this Ghia will get you from A to B in a speed never described as ‘moving at a fair pelt’. The ad perfectly sums up the want of such a beast: This car was running good but I did’n use for long time. It nead a service.
I want to sale it very cheap must gone
Buy now!

Now we have left: $23,250


This 1984 Daihatsu Charade – $600

Gold cars

Now maybe we’ve been pushing you in the wrong direction here so far and you’re actually in the market for something less mighty than the space in the Ghia. Well get set gold cars fans, this Daihatsu screams ‘Don’t even breathe, we don’t have the space!’ and does it without having to fill up more than once a month. Tiny, economical and the most importantly it’s far more fun to punt around than a gold watch that forces you to use iTunes. Hell, given the small stature you probably could strap it to your wrist and show it off at parties!
(And check out that racing stripe!)

Now we have left: $22,650


This 1991 Subaru Liberty – $700

Gold cars

Seriously, the ad contains more gold than the car itself:
We are two Chilean backpackers, selling our car because we leave the country. Is a Subaru Liberty of 1991 ready for new adventures spirit owners. The only problem is the reverse (thats why the low Price). Sometimes doesn´t work well, but if you are forehanded, you will never have a problem (I’am delivering Pizza with the car know). We leave the country 26 of Febreraury and we are going to The Great Ocean before with the car. Is a very economic car because use LPG and have a gas effiency of 12 km per Litre (in the city) and 14 Km/L highway. Is an ideal car for a trip because have outdoors implements. Finally the car has the REGO until April 14.

I feel if this Liberty could talk, I’d probably need a translator who speaks Chilean.

This now leaves us with: $21950


This 1987 Skyline Wagon GXE – $1000

Gold cars
Look, it’s the pre-Stagea Nissan Stagea! And in glorious 80’s Gold to boot! Now there is an overheating issue to be worked out first before you do any serious driving in this thing, but just imagine how cool you’ll look with the window down on the way back from Bunnings Warehouse ready to turn your small shack into a pimp mansion. A steal for one whole G!

Our kitty (after buying these gold cars so far) now stands at: $20950


This 2000 Mitsubishi Magna – $1900

Gold cars

It’s a Magna, it works, it’s gold. That pretty much sums up this one.

Gold cars budget left: $19050


This 1984 Mercedes Benz 380 – $2000

Gold cars

Well it was only a matter of time before the words ‘gold cars’ and ‘classy’ met for drinks on this page and here’s a prime example of both, a lovely looking Merc 380. Far classier than a gold plated smart watch and 1/12 of the price, who wouldn’t like to roll around in this 3.8 litre V8 bad boy while talking about share portfolios and mustard likes? Apple who?

Gold cars budget left: $17050


This 1993 Lexus ES300 for $2000

Gold cars

Like your luxury more Japanese than German? Buy this sharp looking Lexus. Want more pics of this leather bound lady killer? They only posted up one. But hey, buy this Lexus. Now technically it looks to have the same paint as my former Toyota Soarer which means it’s ‘Metallic Beige’ but it looks gold, works well and gets to from A to B quicker than it takes you to figure out how to catch a Uber cab using your overpriced wrist gadget.

Gold cars budget left: $15050


This 2002 VXII Holden Commodore – $5395

Gold cars

So the gold cars so far just don’t have enough ‘head turning’ ability? Rest easy, this supercharged beast will carry the rest of team gold slack. Manual conversion V6 with a computer upgrade and a two tone paint job that makes that Apple watch thingy look incredibly tame in comparison. Brrrrrrm!

Gold cars budget left: $9655


And finally this 2007 Toyota Aurion – $9650

Gold cars

Oh what a feeling, we’ve got 5 dollars left after this glorious purchase. So we can fill it up captain reliable here with about 3 litres of petrol and travel 2000 kms bef- no wait. Anyway, a lovely acquisition to hammer the final golden nail in my original point:

For the same price as a new gold plated Apple Smart watch, you could buy 10 gold cars. I don’t know about you but I know which buy I’d have more fun with..

If of course you’re still deciding that you’d much prefer a smart watch over a bevy of cheap gold cars, can we suggest the non gold plated version which is a hell of a lot cheaper: Apple Watch Sport


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