Going back for the next Bond car

Bond Car

If Idris Elba does indeed become the next James Bond, can we here at Driveanotherday.com suggest a bond car for him? No not the latest offerings from Aston Martin, BMW or even a Ford, we mean an actual Bond car. Made by Bond of course..

Introducing the Bond Minicar..

And first off, it ticks a major box in the fact that both it and James Bond are British.

Also there’s enough room for both he and a love interest to putt around in. (Not much but it’s there. Maybe if you removed the bottle of water..)

Bond car

And at the time the Bond car was advertised as the world’s most economical car which means Jimmy will be able to chase down bad guys for hours on end without having to spend time looking for the nearest petrol station. And when you’re tracking down evil geniuses and world dominators, every second counts!

There’s just some fairly obvious drawbacks to this plan..

A lack of luxuries anything for a start

Super economy AND a tonne of features in this baby? Not in these Bond cars. Which makes it very difficult for a Quartermaster like Q or whatever letter we’re up to now to install a rocket launcher button into the air conditioner control panel on account that it doesn’t have one. Nor any radio that could now pop out a small screen for the latest mission parameters. No GPS, no ABS and possibly not enough room for an ejector seat.
Which also means a spectacular lack of safety features unless you count the rear drum brakes as one…probably not.

As for bullet proof glass…Idris himself would probably remark ‘You’re aving a joke aren’t you guv?’ (Or something like that)

There might be enough room in the back to dropped some spiked balls though, so that might be an option.

Oh and the speed might hold him back a smidge if he’s using this Bond Car as a getaway. Especially if the bad guys are favouring some kind of souped up Jeep, Audi, Caddilac or Lexus tank as they seem to like doing at the moment. The Mark E version of this car topped out at roughly 80kph…and the one pictured here is one of the earlier Marks, so there is that.

Plus you have to start it from the passenger seat which might make things awkward when James jumps in first time and isn’t sure how to kick it into action…

And I know you’re wondering about sharp turns. You’re not? Well I did. And instantly I thought of that Top Gear clip where Jeremy proved the amazing aerodynamics of another British Three Wheeler, the Reliant Robin which came out well after Bond cars called it a day.

But apart from all that..

And probably quite a few things I’ve managed to miss, you’ve got to admit that it would be quite novel to see JB in a three wheeler of all things, even if it’s just for one scene. It just wouldn’t be a quick scene though…not on these tiny wheels…

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