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Nissan Cube Woody

Get your hands on this rare Woody..

Oh Japan, please don’t ever stop your amusing ways. Especially when you bolt vinyl wood panelling on the side of your Nissan Cube’s and give them the same name as a much beloved character from Toy Story…

Behold, the Nissan Cube ‘Woody’.

Nissan Cube Woody
Just wow..

Yes, for $13,999 you too can sport a woody that’ll have all the neighbours talking! (Couldn’t resist)

What you’re looking at is an imported 2004 Nissan Cube BZ11 Woody Black 4 Speed Automatic Wagon with lovely woodgrain panelling. Which we beleive is vinyl, all the ad says is that the kit was fitted in Japan. So maybe it’s something ultra rare…like earth metal disguised as wood.

Nissan Cube Woody Coupled with the cherry red metallic rims and the White Wall tires (which seem more yellow than white to us…maybe it’s the wood trim throwing our eyesight off) as well as the stickers and you have the most unsubtle Nissan Cube rolling around (and that’s saying something considering how Nissan Cube’s normally stick out next to your average commuters)

Nissan Cube WoodyThe classifieds (this very car is on a lot of sites at the moment for maximum exposure) for this Nissan Cube Woody has given you a great use for this car:

2004 Nissan Cube “Woody“ 5 Seater


– 5 Seater Model

– Kit made in Japan

– Brand New 15“ Candy Apple Red Wheels and White Wall tyres

– Brand New SONY DVD and Kicker AMP/SUBWOOFER

– Black/Red Trim

– Woodgrain Panels

– Brand New THULE Roof Racks

– Great Promotional Vehicle or if you want something cool

As a promotional vehicle, it’s a ripper. And if you work in a business that has something to do with a) wood b) cherries c) Nissan Cube’s or d) somehow all of the above (you’ll have to explain that one to us if that’s the case) then you probably won’t find a better vehicle that screams ‘Goddamn, look at me right damn now!’.

We probably don’t suggest a mortician or secret agent then….but if you own a business that deals with wood fired pizzas however…

Nissan Cube WoodyWith only 64887 ks too on this Nissan Cube Woody, that’s plenty of mileage to get as many jokes about wood and woody’s as well as other inuendos as you can while you drive around absorbing all the attention.

So…uh, anyone else seen a Woody getting around town? (I can’t beleive we just asked that…)


Now you can have the woodgrain inside as well!


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