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Gallardo on a Pontiac budget

Uh…did I miss a memo again? Did those annoying notifications that tell me everything I don’t want to hear about (like Kim K, anything to do with Kim K) forget to inform me that it’s ‘Sell your replica week?’ Or maybe Facebook cottoned on to our replica Ferrari a couple of days ago and decided that since I didn’t buy that, I must be looking for a cheaper Lamborghini instead. Which I’m not really, but hey if you are – maybe you could buy this Lamborghini Gallardo!*

*An approximation of one at least.

Credit where credit is due to the team at I know what I have – the tireless classified combers looking for out of the ordinary ads like this one. So without any further ado, behold:

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Performante Spyder Convertible 2D


Now if you’re like me and aren’t great at working out the base car in projects like this (especially when it comes to US models), thankfully someone has already done the leg work for you. No it’s not another Fiero but a Pontiac Soltice:

As the buttons on the steering wheel match the Solstice factory one.

But I will applaud the level of logo work this replica maker has gone to in this build, from the steering wheel to the door sills, to the inner rims. Usually it’s just a kit slapped onto a shell but this is dedication to put the logo where they could.


Like the Ferrari from a couple of days back, there’s a little bit of work involved here, especially with the paint. Oh and a clamp apparently.

Réplica lambo only 2000 millas Runs and drives Only needs a battery and needs the air intake clamped down Only serious buyers I do not have time to answer if you are interested you can make an appointment no changes only cash $11000

Sadly no engine shots for this one but if it’s Solstice running gear, you’re either working with four cylinders or four with a snail. That’s 6 cylinders short from the original snorting V10 but that’s reflected in the price, especially when a real one will set you back over 300k AUD.

Keen? You’ll find this project in Troutdale, Oregon, a place usually known for its fishing spots and antique stores. And now it’s replica Lambos!


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