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For sale: Nissan 180sx. Well, half of one..

Completely useless fact time: I was going to buy a Nissan 180sx as my second ever car and when I rang up a finance company to see what I could borrow, they told me that yes I could have the money…for anything other than using it on a Nissan 180SX.

Which ultimately led down the path for me purchasing a Mazda Rx7 a couple of years later in what was a more entertainingly but undoubtedly far more expensive exercise.

Especially when I’ve just seen one on Facebook in the same state for a measly $500. Okay it might be missing a few lot of things but it’s a start…

Behold! A Nissan 180SX…er…trailer!

180sx trailer

Look I know what you’re thinking – this is obviously a backyard built drift missile that missed the track completely before drifting wildly through the timber section of a nearby Bunnings and coming to a rest in a perfect part wood/part Nissan steel amalgamation. That’s when the owner went ‘Well buggered if I know where the engine ended up here but this has the makings of a damn fine trailer’ and off he went.

And now through Facebook you too can own this (even if it doesn’t currently look like this as the ad states.)

Nissan 180sx trailer

180sx converted into trailer.
Note front no longer looks like a hillbillys home…. i just dont have any updated pictures…
I have had this trailer for around 7 years was origonally built to take to power cruise and matsuri as a camper trailer.
Trailer has been registered and tows well. Could use a drawbar strengthen as it dose bounce a little on the highway…
Selling as i need to focus on getting getting custody of my kids so it has to go.
Open to reasonable offers or swaps for 750 road bike, trail bike/quad or down hill mountain bike

Now obviously you couldn’t tow another car with it, that’s crazy talk. But you could carry quite a few spares, a body or two, clothes for weeks, supplies, camping gear, other Nissan 180sx spares, a few more wheels, illegal immigrants or whatever your mind can come up with.

Or buy a cheap halfcut and try* to put it back together again.


*Try being the operative word. Good luck with your therapy if this is your plan.

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