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Fiero ferrari

Ferrari love but with Fiero money

Can’t afford a real Ferrari GTS 308? No sweat, here’s the next best thing – a Fiero with a Ferrari fur coat!


Yes this is not the first time a Pontiac Fiero has popped up on these pages – we’ve written about the Concept 2000 GT before with it’s smoother Knight Rider looks and the fact that only 12 exist (including this one). Now we offer you this Ferrari…uh…replica.

A GTS 308 looks like this:

Where as our kitted version here looks thusly:


And from this angle without seeing the prancing horse on the back, I would have figured it was giving off more Nissan 300ZX vibes than Italian cult classic, but you be the judge. You’ll also have to be great mates with a car detailer too if this thing ends up in your driveway as it’s been sitting for a bit.

Fiero ferrari

The interior does need a bit of a refresh as it’s looking a touch tired..

But you won’t really care about the insides when you put your foot down and there’s that wild V8 grunt unleashed. I mean just picture it, nestled inside that engine bay, looking fantastic.

Whoops, no, wrong pic. It’s a 308 body kit of course, not 308 powered. This is what you’re working with here which might not have the exact response you might be hoping for given there’s now four less cylinders to play with.


Still undecided? Have a few more pictures to possibly sway your decision.

Now you’d think when popping a car ad up anywhere, the first thing you’d do is hit it with a hose or at least tidy it up a little – but then that might be far down on the list with the other things to attend to first:

This is a Fiero with a body kit. Car has been sitting for a year or more. It needs a paint job and the sunroof leaks. The interior needs to be cleaned and headliner replaced. New Battery, Master and slave clutch cylinder. 4 cylinder manual. Starts and runs


Fun looking replica or try to win the lottery for a real one? Let us know below!

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