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Ferrari Dino

The swinging replicated 60s

If you were like me growing up there’s a fair chance there was a couple of car posters on your wall (for me it was a Lamborghini Countach and a Ferrari Testarossa for a time, glorious). Also if you’ve grown up like me there’s every chance you can’t and won’t even get to ludicrous amounts of spare coin available to purchase that Ferrari Dino above. (Oh what I could do with 400K+ right now..)

That’s okay because I’ve found a far cheaper alternative, especially if the Ferrari Dino is your pick of the prancing horse brigade…

Behold, a Ferrari Dino…replica.

Looks like a Ferrari Dino, goes like a Fer- er a VW powered replica!

Ferrari Dino replica
Okay which one of you hooligans shaved off some of the emblem?

From the ad on Gumtree:

1969 Ferrari Dino replica based on Volkswagen platform 2 L engine disc brake front, coil over suspension rear ,aluminium door trims, leather look hood lining ,reliable electronic ignition Webber carburetor extractors great fun to drive

Ferrari Dino replica

And on a sunny Sunday afternoon in similar beach side conditions, we reckon this would be an absolute hoot to put around in. And then when you’re done you can put it on display somewhere, like the owner has done here. Best of both worlds really!

Ferrari Dino replica

(I don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to drive right up to my doorway and park there so I didn’t have to travel all the way to the carport to get the wagon out for the morning commute. Or put a lounge chair right next to it.)

Fun fact: There were only 152 Ferrari Dino 206 GT’s (which this replica is based on) ever made so your chance of owning one of the originals after that bit of info now seems even more remote!

Sadly there are no engine shots for the 6 cylinder powering this thing but the photos do look great and unless you’re a mad Ferrari Dino aficionado, there’s probably a fair chance you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference at a distance (although it may sound different engine note wise)

Keen on this one? Currently on Gumtree for just $15000. Off you go!


  1. Lynx318 therealone says:

    Would have had a Countach poster on my wall in my youth if was allowed, grown up decades now and know better, couldn’t get out of the dang thing easy, if flipped on its roof, you were trapped with those doors, an International ACCO with manual steering (Hulk Hogan biceps needed) steers easier.

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