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Feature packed including air from the outside!

It’s amazing what pops up in your Facebook feed on occasion – case in point this amazing newspaper ad for Holden, packed full of features you couldn’t wait to brag to the neighbors about!*

*Provided you lived in the year 1972

Yes the guy who recently did a ripper job in fixing my bathroom (cheers Sheldon) found this old Holden ad in his shed where it’s been gathering dust for the last 30 years and put it up on Facebook:

Old Holden
Look at this ad – it’s saturated in awesome! (And dust)

And boy does it really hammer home those features you didn’t realize were actually features (ie the stuff you take for granted with most cars in the last 15 years), especially in comparison to the number 2 and 3 best selling car of the time! (Which funnily enough aren’t mentioned in the article but best guess could possibly be a Chrysler Valiant and a Ford Falcon based on a quick look at this car spotters guide from 1972). Let’s take a closer look at what you got with this 1972 Holden HQ:

Old Holden
All this for under $4k! (1970’s prices of course)

The 4th point boasting about the biggest safety package probably should have been higher on the list (but remember this was 1972 and Ancap safety ratings weren’t around in the early days of the 70’s…or 80’s…or until recently) because this old Holden was ahead of the curve and ready for possible safety laws: slim windscreen pillars; designed to meet projected safety legislation which didn’t eventuate. Source. So you could legitimately point out to people that it was so safe, even new laws couldn’t faze it!

Having never owned an HQ (or any old Holden of any sort let the record show – I have driven an HR once..) I can only assume that number 5. Flow through ventilation is that stock standard switch on your air conditioning that lets air from outside into your ducting. Or it’s vents for the people in the back seat. But still, it was new and it was brag worthy and worth shouting to the world through print media.

"It was 72 I remember and Holden eliminated the need to wind down the windows. Good times them..."
“It was 72 I remember and Holden eliminated the need to wind down the windows. Good times them…”

(And when was the last time you went car shopping for a pre-owned bargain and checked if the fuel tank was isolated or not? I know it’s been high up on my list 🙂

Such a glorious walk down car memory lane (well possibly not for me, I was born in 1980..) thanks Sheldon and Facebook!

Flash forward

It does make us wonder though – in thirty years time will we see the return of a similar style brag ad? I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before a car manufacturer prints the claim ‘Our car can fly! Can the number 2 and 3 best seller do the same?’..


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