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Is the hot rock roadworthy? (Facebook cars for sale)

I do love a wander through the local Facebook cars for sale section for things to write about, projects to dream about and more often than not – adds to chuckle over (of which there are many). Welcome to the latest collection of that last category..

What interesting things can we find in Facebook cars for sale?

Lets start with this:. A quality priced BMW Roadster ready to be yours for less than a grand! Look at what you get for under a grand too with that quality BMW hood emblem that everyone is familiar with! (Beamer purists will be thrilled with Facebook’s incredible recognition algorithm!)

BMW roadster Facebook cars for sale

A little bit too pricey for your blood but still salivate over a bonafide bargain? That’s okay, I’ve got your back amigo with this one. An AC Cobra replica for only $500! Seriously, how could you pass on something that looks so much like the real- wait. How in the hell has this one not been snapped up already? I mean it says right there what it is, a 1997 AC Cobra repli- oh come on, who is kidding who here? (It’s obviously another Mitsubishi 3000GT! See below..)

facebook cars for sale

If performance is more your deal, what about this killer Mitsubishi 3000gt? Ignore what’s written on the window and the fact that it looks like a VRX, Facebook obviously knows what’s going on here and knows exactly what it is..

3000gt facebook cars for sale

But wait, there’s more!

What about something automatic? Well sure, there’s plenty on offer in the automatic stakes! Take a look at these beauties!

Does the five bucks include registration and a road worthy certificate? That’s a bargain then! (also if the leather jacket hails from Bali, does that mean you have to register it as an import? All these questions Facebook…)

I always wanted to drive a hot rock (and the reptiles look thrilled at the thought too!)..



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