Engine in the front and for something different, there’s an engine in the back!

I was searching for the price of a Holden Camira wagon on Gumtree (don’t ask, long story) and instead tripped over what’s best described as a tribute to Top Gear/one hell of an automotive experiment..

Behold, the double headed car!

Double headed car

No, the double headed car doesn’t have two heads in the engine bay, it has one engine in the front…and another one in the back! What you’re looking at is the front of a Holden Camira, bolted onto…er…another front of a Holden Camira. Probably for that ‘God I can’t get enough of that 80’s Camira front action’ market which is so niche, no one has ever heard of it.

(At first thought I thought it the back end was just a different colour until you realise the back door handle is in the wrong place and Camiras never came with suicide doors..)

Sadly there’s no other pictures available.

Sadly it’s not actually working (but the double headed car might make a great garden ornament!).

Sadly the double headed car is on the other side of the country so I can’t see this amazing art installation in person.

But hey, it is still available if you’re keen:

hi have a double headed car isnt going has a motor at each end wanting to swap it for a going motor bike has to be a proper brand like yamaha or ktm cant be any more thab a 250cc and would like a 2 wheeler

So many questions remain unanswered here, including ‘Did the double headed car ever actually run?’ and ‘Seriously, what the hell?’ and is it actually a locally made tribute to James May’s truly epic Salfa Romeoaab limo?

Oh cock!

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