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Ej special

We’ll get you where you need to go. In about a week.

There were slim pickings in my favourite car yard today. Not in terms of numbers, no there were over one hundred cars to peruse on the lot. More in terms of things I hadn’t seen in the metal yet and cars that would have well and truly picqued my interests.

Yes there was the glorious Scarab Tribute parked in the corner. There was a Citreon SM attempting to become one with a bush. There was also a flawless looking 70’s Celeica flashing away in the sun. But the thing that captured my attention in the midst of the glinting lavish metal?

The greatest barn find in the world of…Taxis.

Thankfully the auction description explains far more than I ever could with the words ‘It’s an old Holden taxi of some kind, I dunno..’

Ej Special

Could this EJ special be the oldest Australian taxi? Holden 1963 EJ special sedan, original taxi from day one. Original taxi plates (T-01) matching front and rear, has the original tariff plate on the dashboard. It still retains the original clock works meter and two way radio. Even the old coin tin sitting on the console. Engine, gearbox and clutch all rebuilt in the last 25,000 Miles. Interior redone at some stage of its life. An original rare care that has survived.
VIN/Chassis No: EJ4657M
ENG No: J55070



Now surely I’m not the only one here thinking that if you restored this historic Ej Special back to it’s sixities Taxi yellow glory it would make one hell of a wedding car? There would be plenty fathers of the brides currently who had ridden in one of these (or even drove one!) back in the day and would relish the chance to do it once more.

Or perhaps if you live in a town of less than 1000 people and you only needed a handful of cars to ferry people around in, then this Ej Special could be one of them? You know those towns where attitudes and values haven’t progressed further than 1965? Bingo, this will fit in well! (The old ducks at church will love it!)



What about a Museum piece? The choices really are endless!

Yes it will take a lot of work undoubtledly (especially on the paint and rust side of things) but it’s got a lot of old taxi history still with it. What a glorious barn find!



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