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So the Bond car we go into last week just not economical enough? Want to spend an ice age between fuel stops when pottering around town? Well do I have the car experiment for you! And it even comes with it’s own article!

For those of you who hasn’t been introduced to the humble Geo Metro, here’s what you’d be looking at originally.

Geo Metro

Similar to the Ford Laser/Mazda 323 models of the day here in Australia, this effort from Chrysler shared kinship with the original Suzuki Swift and with it’s 1-1.3 litre (depending on which one you bought) three to four cylinder engine (again an option), this could get you from A to B quite easily provided you had oodles of time to spare, weren’t in any hurry and loved your bare bones motoring so much that the word power just wasn’t in your vocabulary.

However lack of anything exciting aside, one thing is did particularly well was getting around town so frugally there was actually a resurgence on these early models in 2008 due to rising fuel costs. And since we’re facing yet another time where fuel is going through the roof and V8 owners are wincing when pulling into the nearest petrol station, these babies are probably super popular again.

Especially this experimental version that’s come up for sale on Facebook Classifieds:

Geo Metro

Now if you buy your car juice in litres and not gallons, allow me to apply a quick conversion:

75 miles per gallon = 31 kilometres to the litre. 

Which means since we love our per 100kms stats, that equates to 3.2 litres per 100kms!

And since the tank on a 1995 Geo Metro is 10.6 or roughly 40 litres, that’s a range of over 700+ miles or 1100+ kms..

However at that insane level of petrol misering, you’re cutting back on a few things, like a good chunk of car for an example.

Oh and it doesn’t really look that easy to get in and out of either, but that’s aerodynamics for you. If you want to save, you’re going to have to forget about doors getting in the way. Or any comfort whatsoever in this thing because by the looks inside, you’re not going to find any anytime soon.

Geo metro

Although what you do get, is storage. So if you really wanted to load up on the jerry cans for even more fuel on board, well have at it!

metro geo

And the engine is accessible in case you want to try and get even more¬†out of this thing. And if that’s you, shine on you crazy diamond!

geo metro

Oh and I mentioned the article, here we go!

Metro geo

Although it’s interesting to note that the article says it’s from 1989 while the Facebook listing says 1995. Either way, it’s super frugality as fuel prices go up and up and up…

Keen on it? Hopefully you live somewhere near Troy New York and have a spare $3200 on hand (but just think about how much fuel money you’ll save in the long run!)

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