Far from extinct – it’s a 90’s drift dinosaur!

drift dinosaur

I’ve heard of and seen for sale many a drift pig in my time. This is the first drift dinosaur I’ve ever come across though. Well I’m guessing it’s a dinosaur they were aiming for?

1991 Mazda Mx5 Drift Dinosaur (Or since it’s from the states, a Mazda Miata drift dinosaur..)

Once upon a time I was keen on a type NA Mazda Mx-5 (not so much anymore – see: Family and practicality reasons) and seeing one of these early models reminds me of the import scene of the mid 2000’s where you’d get a few popping up for sales through various importers such as Yahoo Motorsports and J-Spec. However I don’t think they stocked anything as…uh…overcooked as this drift missile.

drift dinosaur

Yes it’s the world’s angriest Ferrero Rochere in car form ready to loudly rumble around the nearest drift pen, blinding all those who dare to watch it on a very sunny day. And while it’s a pretty comprehensive parts list, I feel the only thing missing is a button or mp3 player hooked up to speakers to make this drift dinosaur actually roar like one. If you buy it, maybe that’s the first thing you’ll add?

Seller’s Description

For sale is my 1991 drift miata. Non op title, runs and drives
Mod list:
No name coil overs
No name bucket seat
G force 6 point harness
Welded 4.3 diff
Angle kit Sway bars & end links
Coolant temp gauge
Rhodes racing weld in roll cage
Bash bar
NRG quick release Momo steering wheel
drift dinosaur
Esthetic mod list:
Fixed angry eye purple led bar head lights
Spiked mohawk (bolted on and detachable)
6 foot tall side exit exhaust
Homemade duck tail wing
Chrome gold vinyl wrap
Completely gutted interior
drift dinosaur
Extras that come with the car: Complete stock exhaust
Stock trunk 2 stock non gutted doors
Complete interior carpet
Gauge cluster 8 wheels (most are burners for drifting)
2 of the 8 wheels are brand new federal 595s on 15×8 rota mesh wheels
Turbo stuff that comes with the car:
Garret turbo Matching exhaust manifold with hardware
Intercooler Fuel management unit
$3,500 obo. Serious offers only. As much as I love being a troll I have too many cars and need to sell this one
drift dinosaur
As strange as it looks, it does have fun written all over it..

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