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Do you smell what the chef is importing?

Finally there’s a use for Facebook that doesn’t involve vague angsty statements, attention seeking updates, pictures of food or general game invite rubbish: Namely checking out amazing cars available for import from Japan..

Which means our favorite Facebook page at the moment has to be Iron Chef Imports, simply for the sheer number of updates of importable used cars – from the drift warriors to exotic daily drivers, right down to the stuff you’ve probably never laid eyes on before. Here’s a few of our favorite (and scariest) picks from the last couple of months:



Having been involved in a car club cruise where a gorgeous 10a rotary Cosmo turned up to join in the fun in amongst all the FBs, FCs, FDs and RX8s, I can attest to how beautiful these cars are in person and also how scarce these are. Which explains why they fetch price tags of $50,000 and up for ok condition examples. Rebuilding that 10a would also land far from cheap – it still remains a gorgeous piece of Mazda history though and hopefully someone bought this and restored it to its former glory.



Wait, what the hell? This I had to investigate further as my knowledge only goes as far as knowing that Autech is a tuning company that worked on a version of the Nissan Stagea amongst other things. And it turns out that the Autech Stelvio was actually an attempt at a 80s Nissan supercar with some of the most hideous design elements ever inflicted on a poor V6. Behind those bonnet bulges lie the mirrors, behind the steering wheel hides cringing drivers.
The only positive part of this car? There were only 200 made, meaning it’s highly unlikely (and lucky) that you’ll ever cross paths with one in the flesh.



Who doesn’t like a well kept example of a manual Z car? And this one looks gorgeous with enough work and modifications to keep most Z Heads well and truly stoked. There’s now a happy Datsun fan who bought this for $30,700. Wish it was us..



I have no idea about this car apart from the year (67), the size (tiny) and its cute classic looks. Fully restored, this would be an absolute ripper to cruise to the coast in…provided there weren’t too many cars trying to get past you.. Still they must still have a fan following because on the Iron Chef Facebook page it’s listed as being sold for $13,500.
I can’t see this landing in my driveway anytime soon but I can appreciate the classics.

Which leaves…



Where do you start with such an ‘interesting’ import? Probably deep in the engine bay actually as the auction sheet reported it wasn’t running at the time it took in the bids. It’s probably much safer this way as there’s no mention of any structural reinforcement put in after the roof got taken off..

You can see now why we don’t get any work done when Facebook is open..

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