DNA contains traces of a Chevrolet Suburban..

You know you’ve been playing a little too much Fallout 4 when you see something like this 2000 Chevrolet Suburban and think ‘Well that would actually sit nicely in the radioactive wastelands..’

And unlike the Buick Roadmaster I posted up earlier, most of the car seems to be here. And what isn’t has been replaced with something else anyway!

Not since the Rover powered Stagea wasteland taxi have we seen a vehicle ready for the rigours of any of the following:

A) Another Mad Max movie
B) A cameo in The Last of Us
C) When some idiot in power presses the wrong button and it’s game over for most of us.

I mean look at the sheer size of this monster.

Every time I see this angle of the Chevrolet Suburban, I can’t help but wonder if it started off as just a shell on a trailer and the owner stepped back thinking ‘I wonder what things would look like if we welded the trailer to the shell and went from there?’ Because it’s business up top and mini monster truck party down below, especially when you compare it to what one looked like back in the day.

Not enough doors? No worries, just add another set!

2000 Chervrolet Suburban

It’s the front that amuses me to no end with the overtones of rusty tractor and sharp panel lines that you could set your watch to (provided you never wanted to tell the time correctly ever again.)

2000 Chervrolet Suburban

Maybe it’s the a Aliexpress Chevrolet Suburban tribute to the time when people liked to put on Rolls Royce fronts on VW bugs. Maybe it was just what was left in the bone yard and a few hours of cutting was all that was needed to create…well whatever this thing is now.

On second thoughts, not even close.

And if you’re thinking, well that’s an interesting looking bus then you’ll love the fact that yes, it is indeed part bus. There’s just so much going on here!

Seller’s Description

4 Wheel Drive 6 Door Suburban Deuce and a Half Army Axles with 395/85R20 Tires Dt466 Diesel Engine 3 Speed Automatic Bus Transmission $8,000 Sell or Trade 2 Videos Available upon request of this vehicle being driven Additional interior parts not included in pictures

2000 Chervrolet Suburban
Pure rusty sex!

(Surely I’m not the only one looking at that rat’s nest of wiring worried I’d accidentally kick out something important when on my way to the nearest armoury.)

I feel if you drove something like this into an inspection station here in Australia they’d take one look at it and then confirm on the calendar that the date wasn’t April 1 or that people in the bushes nearby weren’t trying to film their reaction at seeing this Chevrolet Suburban monster in the metal (and rust.) Likewise local engineers would figure you were taking the piss and more than likely law enforcement who would possibly call in air support first and then ask questions later.

Thankfully though it’s from the land of the free and home of the brave where you can buy hilarious projects like bike powered Toyota MR2’s and cat cars from Burning Man and somehow run them on the roads (I’m not sure exactly how, consult your local US department of transport obviously)

If you are keen though, try Facebook in Nashville TN and best of luck with your new fallout hauler!

Interestingly, we got our own version!

Colour me educated, I had no idea there was a Australian version of this back in the day. Okay it was a rebadged Chevrolet Suburban right hand drive version made in Mexico and shipped over here, but it counts because it became The Holden Suburban. The things you discover hey?

And so if like me you call down under home and you still want to make something like the monster above, the base platform is available in this country. Probably not cheap, but at least you’ve got a starting point for your modifying madness..

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