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Dishwasher, microwave, crate motor?

Look I know Covid 19 has forced a lot of businesses to change their ways but the last thing I expected was to be able to buy a Chev v8 long block from a place that I usually associate with whitegoods..

Have I missed a memo? Wasn’t Kogan just selling fridges, freezers and air fryers at one stage?

But now for $7175.50 I can buy this from Kogan and have it shipped to my place in a handful of days:

Kogan long block

Surely I’m not the only one who had no idea they were shipping engines..

Now before anyone suddenly thinks ‘this seems like a thinly veiled advertising spot here Almigo?’ firstly thank you for thinking this site is popular enough for businesses like Kogan to notice and say ‘Here, tell em we have engines and here’s a big wad of cash for doing so!’ and secondly I only discovered this addition to their range thanks to an ad on Facebook. A Facebook ad that had a picture of a fridge, a microwave and then strangely a Chev engine..

(Highly reminiscent of those Aldi catalogues where you could look at the price of onions, oranges and tinned tomatoes and then on the next page you could buy a motorcycle helmet or an overpriced computer.)

A closer look has revealed that it’s actually sold by a business called Speed Parts which has obviously landed under the Kogan banner (which makes more sense than me thinking they suddenly got a red hot offer on v8 long blocks and that’s why they were selling them randomly..) so similar to the Amazon model I guess and thankfully it doesn’t seem as sketchy as things you’d find on Aliexpress..

So what do you get for all those hard earneds though?


NOTE: Pictures of Crate Engines are for reference only, engine components & accessories are subject to change by manufacture without notice based on availability of parts at time of assembly.

Engine Features

HP & Torque: 373HP / 400 FT LBS
Compression Ratio: 9.3:1
Cast Iron Heads
Hydraulic Roller Cam
Cast Steel Crank
Hypereutectic Pistons


Hand picked seasoned block
Square and parallel decked
Align honed main bearing bore
Cylinders honed on computer controlled machine to within .0002 straightness and roundness
Cylinders are sonic tested for thickness
2Bolt Main
4.000” Bored up to .060” Over
1Piece Rear Main Seal
Mech fuel pump provision: Yes
Passenger Side Dipstick
Drilled and tapped for clutch linkage


Cast steel crankshaft
3.480” Stroke
OEM type 5.700” connecting rods
Hypereutectic pistons
Internal Front/ External Rear


Vortec cast iron heads
64cc chamber
Hardened retainers and springs
1.94 swirl polished intake valves
1.50 swirl polished exhaust valves


Cam Type: Roller
.495/.502 lift
221/226 duration
@ .050, 110 degrees LSA
Using 1.5 rockers


34 Degrees Total at 3500 RPM


Valve covers
Oil pan
Timing cover
Dyno test results shipped with engine


Recommended to use Break in Oil For Your BluePrint Crate Engine
Not for EGR
Not for use in pollution controlled vehicles.
Has no cam sensor provisions.
This engine requires a non weighted harmonic balancer, and late 350ci weighted flexplate/flywheel.
If you are using an automatic transmission, BluePrint Engines recommends a 1800-2200 rpm stall converter.
This engine is NOT compatible with factory fuel injection. This will NOT work as an OE replacement for a vortec truck.

So after all that, anyone need to update their fridge, replace the old microwave and need a new donk all in one hit?


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