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Went for coffee, stayed for the cars

Amazing isn’t it? You go a quiet ride in the father in law’s project Holden HR Wagon for a quiet little jaunt to the local Holden clubs coffee meet up…and end up smack bang in the middle of a 450+ car show. Typical..

We started off in Baz’s pride and joy – the restored 50 year old Holden HR Wagon that happily took 3 in the front, 3 in the front and plenty of kids snacks in the back.

1 - Baz

He’s spent months on this machine getting it back to this level (I’ve never seen so many grown gentlemen stop and stare at this thing as it rolls by..) and along with his wife, loves being part of the local Holden club. So much so that they invited my little family along for the ride to join them for a mini cruise and coffee in picturesque Daylesford Victoria with a few of the club members. The plan was to meet up at the lake…which coincidentally just so happened to be hosting the pretty awesome Coffee and Cars.

That sounds pretty awesome!

Boy howdy are you correct in that assumption! Coffee and Cars Daylesford was a local fundraiser for the Royal Children’s hospital and for the price of a gold coin entry, you could park your pride and joy among the other 450+ cars and show it off while chatting to enthusiasts, chugging down some caffeine, comparing parts lists, buying raffle tickets and just having a great time. While originally I figured it was a meet up for both classic Holden’s and American Muscle, I quickly discovered plenty of reasons why I shouldn’t have left the Stagea at home.. (next time.)

While I didn’t snap every ride (I did chew through my phone battery pretty quickly) here are the highlights. The occasional kids head in some of the pics was my little assistant Jackson who loved the red cars, time on the playground and any hot chocolate he could get his hands on.

Coffee and Cars – Home Grown

Aus - Hillman Imp

Hillman Imp – at a guess the 1GT is the engine code?

Aus - Purvis Eureka 1 Aus - Purvis Eureka 3 Aus - Purvis Eureka 2

Only the second ever Purvis Eureka I’ve ever seen in the wild. A 70’s kit-car that can be powered by anything from a VW block right up to a Mazda 13B. Bloody amazing in the flesh and Jackson was well and truly impressed by the raise up roof.

Coffee and Cars – Home Grown (Roaring Lion Edition)

Holden - Drag

Looked balls crazy, sounded like Satan tuning up his guitar for a Friday night jam session.

Holden 1 HDN - Kingswood HDN - Torana 2 HDN - Torana HDN - Wagon

HDN - Torana HDN - Kingswood HDN - Torana 2

Coffee and cars – European Union

Euro purgeot Euro porsche Euro porsche 2 Euro BMW M3 Euro - Purgeot

The picture I took of this little Purgeot doesn’t half conjure the feeling you get standing next to it – the feeling that you really want to throw it around a rally track with mad abandon over and over again. And it’ll love every ball tearing second of it.

Euro - Porsche Euro - Lotus 1 Euro - Lotus 2 Euro - Fiat X19 Euro - Alfa

This Alfa was pure amazement up close. Those mutant eyeball headlights sure stand out!

Coffee and Cars – Rule Britannia

Uk Jag UK - E type UK - Austin UK - Austin Healey UK - Triumph Stag 1 UK - Triumph Stag 2

Yay, a fellow Stag driver…sort of. This Triumph Stag was the closest in name to my Stagea.

Coffee and Cars – Stars and Stripes Forever

US - 350 US - Mustang

I’ve tried the 4 cylinder version of this beast and it was a hell of a lot of fun. This was the 8 cylinder version but no matter how many times I walked passed the thing, no one threw me the keys…

US - SS Comaro US - Vette Us Bel Air

Unknown 2

First Generation Ford Thunderbird.

Unknown 3

Third generation Ford Thunderbird.
US - Mustang MK 1

At idle this Mustang MK 1 sounded very, very angry…

US - Dodge US - Corvette

Coffee and Cars – Life a quarter mile at a time

Drag 3 Drag 2 Drag 1

Coffee and Cars – Land of the rising sun

JPN - VR4 JPN VR4 2 JPN - Mx5 Supercharged

The engine bay of a Mazda MX5 featuring a front load of supercharged engine goodness.

Jpn - GTR Jpn - GTR 2 Jpn - GTR 3 Jpn - GTO Jpn - GTO back

I’ve never seen a Mitsubishi GTO outside of Gran Turismo 2 on the Playstation and here I find not one, not two but three GTO/3000GTs! Amazing!

Jpn - 3000GT 1 Jpn - 3000GT 2

V6 Twin Turbo. Yum.

JPN - 360

Mitusbishi 360 Ralliart Edition.

Coffee and Cars – Munch munch, pistons for lunch.

JPN - 808 1 Jpn - 808 2 Jpn - 808 3

In an fantastic solo flying of the rotary powered flag, this Mazda 808 was a ripper little find in an ocean of pistons. I had to hold back a laugh when a guy walking past this work of art commenting “It’s an 808, not an RX3. You’d never buy an RX3 because they’ve all been thrashed but you’d be okay if you bought one of these..” – I’ve been on a couple of Mazda Rotary cruises and can happily inform you that the rotor powered 808’s took some corners just as sideways as anything with an RX on it’s name plate 😉

Coffee and Cars – I’m not sure what I’m looking at here..

Unknown 1

Wouldn’t begin to guess here. Anyone?

Unknown - Hotrod

One of many hotrods around the grounds. Not being much of a hotrod guy, I’d have no idea what the frame is nor the block so I won’t pretend. If you do recognize this handy work, feel free to drop me a comment 🙂

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