No coffee, nor cars this weekend

Well that’s disappointing – I haven’t been to Coffee and Cars Gold Coast so far in my time in Queensland and I figured during the last weekend of my annual leave it would be the perfect way to cap off what’s been an eventful holiday. Now that the Stag’s back and not being a jerk I was planning to give it a clean and hopefully park it next to something else Japanese on the day.

But it’s not to be. The threat of Covid 19/Corona Virus has made the organizers think twice about running it this weekend. And even though they don’t usually hit the 500 people mark (anything more than that and it’s highly suggested you don’t run that event for the risk of infection) they’re still not keen to take that risk.

Which is fair enough and I can’t say I blame them either. So in my latest post you won’t be getting a rundown of what appeared out of the sheds of the Gold Coast early on a Saturday morning…but instead you can ooh and ahh over some Ferrari’s instead. Sounds like a pretty good compromise yeah?*

*Unless of course you don’t like Ferrari’s? In which case maybe you’d prefer something a little tamer?

The good news is, it will be back when the madness subsides and I for one am itching to see some fancy metal, coffee in hand.

Coffee and cars gold coast

But what about those Ferrari’s you promised?

Ahh yes. Playing a game of ‘What’s on this old hard drive then?’ recently I came across some photos I took back in the day (the computer suggests June 2017 but it was actually earlier in 2014) of The Ferrari Club of Melbourne having a lovely weekend outing at the Schaller Studio in Bendigo. The drivers caught up for coffee inside, I braved the cold and snapped some shots of the mostly red brigade making everything else around them look particularly cheap.

And since my Ferrari-fu isn’t that strong (I’ve been lucky enough to drive just one bonkers Ferrari in my life and even then I’d struggle to pick out the model in a lineup) I’m going off the plates and the Vic rego search. So if I’m horribly wrong in naming the model, feel free to correct me down below. (Go for your life Steve and also J85063 on Steem, you got this one!)


not coffee and cars gold coast

2001 Ferrari Modena

1976 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

2007 Ferrari uh…?

2003 Ferrari Roadster

Registration for this one ended in 2018 and the chassis number doesn’t show up anywhere else. I wonder what happened here?

Ferrari F430 Spider

Not coffee and cars gold coast
That Ultimo plate far left now sits on a 2018 Ferrari. Trading up!

2003 Ferrari 360 Spider

And these are?

not coffee and cars gold coast

Not coffee and cars gold coast

The rego on this one now appears on a 2019 Ferrari. Or maybe this one can time travel?

And finally, some random engine shots!

not coffee and cars gold coast

coffee and cars gold coast

Right then, now while I wait for the next Coffee and Cars event here on the GC, anyone got any pasta to spare?..

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