Coffee and Cars Gold Coast Nov 21 2020

We haven’t been to a coffee and cars event out on Mudgereba Rd since July so we were well overdue in giving the wagon a scrub and seeing what revved through the days on this beautiful Saturday morning..

We start off with…a Ferrari? No this wasn’t actually at coffee and cars, this was parked underground where I worked yesterday. Since this is a gratuitous pic dump of great cars, I figured it belonged here.

Coffee and cars Gold Coast

Where we actually start is a car wash around the corner to attack the bat crap that bats long hurling at the wagon for some reason. Got to let the war wagon look sharp for a big day out!

Ahh that’s better! Off to Coffee and Cars Gold Coast we go! The event officially starts at 7:30 but there’s a decent amount of cars that turn up well before that time ticks over.

One of the first cars we came across was this mint looking Volvo 242 GT. It turns out it was a popular day for Volvos and Porches, not so much Japanese wagons.

How to get more attention at a car show – park next to something in far worse condition. However the Mitsubishi did alright in the attention stakes, I guess a lot of the older owners probably saw one new back in the day..

I have one of these! In Forza Horizon 3….son Jackson still not impressed by the old Volvo..


Jackson’s pick of the car meet even though he had no idea what he was looking at.



A Jensen Interceptor! You don’t see too many of them getting about!

So much going on in this rat rod, love it!


I’m not even going to try and explain what’s going on in this thing (because I’d only be guessing) – fair to say it got a lot of people wandering over for a closer look.


The sole flyer of the rotary flag (well up until we left, another may have brapped in later.)

His and Her’s 86s

A shoutout to my neighbor Ash who was super excited to come to this and had his Honda S2000 ready to go. Unfortunately some covid rules for his occupation put the dampener on that idea. However I did text him a pic of the only other Honda that rolled up..



Overheard while passing this AE86: ‘You could use it as a daily but it’s bloody uncomfortable..’

Congrats once again to the organisers and the turnout, a great day on the Gold Coast for both coffee and cars!

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