Coffee and Cars Gold Coast 18/7/20

So we were lined up to visit our Coffee and Cars here on the Gold Coast a short while back, only for Covid-19 to really clamp down the anchors on it. However as restrictions eased, plans were put into place for the next one – the countdown on to this weekend just gone. And so on Friday night you could practically hear the Gold Coast car community frantically vacuuming and polishing their cars to perfection, ready for the big morning..

…not me though, my week was way too busy. Thankfully my car enthusiastic little bloke and I were up early enough to hit the local car wash and give the beast a quick wash over. It still needs a bit of buff work on the scratches but at least it wasn’t covered in random dust so much anymore. Oh and a good vacuum wouldn’t have gone astray either.

Holy random car pic dump Batman!

Given we haven’t had one here for a while, lots of cars turned up and I mean lots. Even with 25 minutes to go before it actually started the lot was really filling up as business picked up. I’ll throw in the occasional notes here and there but otherwise enjoy the vast collection of metal.

At the start I thought my effort to Nissan Station Wagon history might be on its lonesome flying the Japanese flag but then I spotted this which didn’t make me feel too out of place (even though it was probably Australian Delivered and not shipped over.) Then more cars from Japan arrived – happy days.

I wonder if Gentley the Bentley drove across the country just for this event?

Not Mad Mick from Hyperdrive’s panel van sadly.

I’ve seen this Panther around at a couple of shows now. It’s pristine.

This scout truck possibly here to push any car along that fails to start again…

Love British Racing Green – bring it back already!

‘Dad would that really happen if you touch that?’

‘No mate. But it does make me laugh.’

‘Dad that looks like an Aston Martin DB1!’

On closer inspection it turns out to be an Austin-Healy. But good guess Jacko!

One of these cars is not like the others..

They really love their 80s-90s Porsche’s here on the GC.

The one finger salute to V8’s in the engine bay is a nice touch. As is the microphone shifter and cord below!

Oh to be in this Datsun 1600 when it hit the track..

After a turn out like this one, we can’t wait for the next!

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