A very happy new clear!

While most people wake up on the first day of the new year wondering why their head hurts and where their money went, I instead find myself staring at a great pair of headlights..

Now before you message me and ask if there’s an adults only section of Driveanotherday.com and how much it is per month for access, let me be frank here: they’re my headlights and they were filthy. And not even in a good way.

Yep, the Stagea headlight lenses were more caked over than a bakers apron and starting to yellow like a smokers teeth. Not pretty in the slightest.

Cloudy headlights
This is not ideal..

What you’re looking at is half a set of cloudy headlights – oxidation caused by a combination of the sun’s uv rays, exhaust smoke, smog and impacted insects at 110kphs. Blasting a set of cloudy headlights with a hose won’t do much and while there’s a few home remedies that seem to do okay in taking the cloud out of your cloudy headlights, a lot of them don’t seem to last (these include buffing your offending lenses with toothpaste as the abrasives help in lifting off the film) and let’s face it, it’s not a job you really want to have to do that often.

So yesterday in a day of way too hot temperature, I rolled up the sleeves and hit the Stag’s cloudy headlights with a brand new bottle of Turtle Wax Renew RX 2 in 1 Headlight Cleaner and Sealer.

Cloudy headlights
Seal in the clear now!

Full disclosure: I bought this at a Supercheap Auto store. Turtle have not given me this to review however if they want to send me free stuff to test drive, I’m more than happy to take them up on that offer 🙂

While there’s elaborate kits available that include fluid, sanding pads and the like – with this in a nutshell you wash and dry your headlights first (getting rid of all the bug guts), rub some of this stuff in until things start to clear up and then buff it out with another cloth. Even I can’t stuff this up…right?

Cloudy headlights
A point to me!

Even my lower lenses look far sharper now!


Now obviously they won’t help with stuff that’s behind or inside the headlight but hey, at least it actually looks like a headlight again. And last night I was happy to see street light bounce right off it and make it really stand out. It’s been a very long time since they looked this clear.

The ultimate question is, how long will they last? Well I’ll have keep you updated on that. For now though I’m quite happy that my cloudy headlights are gone and I didn’t have to shell out (ha ha a turtle joke, happy new year!) much to make them look pretty decent again.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a fine set of headlights I’m going to go and stare at for a bit..

Want to see if this stuff works for you? You can grab it on Amazon right here.

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