All hail the cheif!

Another day, another shabby presidential tribute car!

Again, a big shout out to the hard working crew at I know what I have Facebook page who keep unearthing these…well I was going to call them gems but I’m not sure they are…so er things. Yes this was the same group that alerted me to the hilarious Trump Train. Now I present to you, the Clinton Dodge Avenger!

I think we can all agree that as bad as this car is, that artwork is a masterpiece. I’m hoping that whoever bought it (yep, it did sell through the Facebook Marketplace) either took the hood off and gave it to Bill as a keepsake or hell, maybe even gave him the entire car! ‘We hope you enjoy your very own Clinton Dodge Avenger!’ Possibly after a clean though, this thing looks to have avoided water for quite some time now.

An international door swap to Old Glory colors or that was all that was left down at the local wrecking yard and became the basis of this massive transformation? You decide!

Donald Trumps rides in the back of the Clinton Dodge Avenger. We’re not sure by that expression if he’s excited to be there or he’s wishing he was back in the Trump Train. Wait til you see who’s sitting next to him being chauffeured around..

No mention of what hit it in the original post. Someone who didn’t agree with Bill’s methods or the artwork perhaps?

It’s the little details that make this, like the American flag valve caps. Murica!

Although I’m not exactly sure what the stoned spider has to do with anything? He probably inhaled.

Yes even though he’s in the back of the Clinton Dodge Avenger and riding shotgun with Donald Trump AND the entire thing is filthy, the Pope seems pretty chuffed to be part of this mobile art piece. I would’ve figured you’d have Hillary there but why not his Holiness?

Seller’s Description

09 dodge avenger america edition This car is a big joke has monica lewinsky and bill clinton on the hood, red white and blue doors, etc. Runs good has check engine light i scanned it like 2 yrs ago if i remember corectly it was for air idle control sensor
I can’t wait to see where this thing is going to pop up next..

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